How to Create a Content Marketing Plan Using LinkedIn?

LinkedIn content marketing

While most marketers
in Singapore today invest heavily in social media marketing, there’s always one missing part of the puzzle; LinkedIn. This is the most reliable, albeit
overlooked network for professionals on the digital platform.

LinkedIn today boasts close to 660 million members, with 303 million of these being active
monthly. Singapore boasts over 2.3 million LinkedIn users. LinkedIn is a powerful platform to bring you the most relevant
business-driven results. It should not be an afterthought in your marketing strategy. If you partner with the content
marketing agency in Singapore
this is one of the platforms they will use for your campaigns. Below are some of
the factors that will help you create an effective content marketing plan for

Basics of Publishing on LinkedIn

influencers, decision-makers, B2B marketers,
employers, employees, and
professionals from across the globe are on LinkedIn. Publishing content here
allows you to engage directly with serious clients across the world. You can do this through the LinkedIn
Publisher for long blog posts or a LinkedIn status update for short and concise

content-type includes blog articles, how-to guides, images, videos, podcasts,
and tutorials. On the platform, you can publish content from different media
such as personal profile, your company page, groups, direct messages or
in-mails, emails, and other people’s content.

LinkedIn favors native
content, which is easy for viewers to find and interact with.

the best results, your content ratio should be 10%–20% promotional content and
80%–90% high-quality content. Make sure you mix different forms of content with
an emphasis on video. You should also optimize your content for engagement and
visibility using hashtags, questions, and calls-to-action (CTA).

this content, you can nurture leads and persuade potential customers that you
have the expertise and skills to solve their pain points.

Understand the LinkedIn Difference

LinkedIn’s dynamics are different. Here, you
want to get endorsements, comments, follows and engagement with influencers and
decision-makers in your industry. The idea is to attract the attention of
stalwarts from the industry to show you are an authority in your line of work.

For this reason, you need an organic and independent LinkedIn
content marketing strategy. It will
differ from the rest of your social media marketing strategy.

Define Your LinkedIn Marketing Goal

Every business has unique LinkedIn marketing
goals. You should first identify these goals and list them as part of your
strategy. They range from generating
more leads for your business, brand awareness, products and services promotion,
increased engagement with clients, and building a community around your

Choose Your Topics/Themes

most new Singapore businesses on LinkedIn, finding the right content is a
confusing process. To identify the best topics, make sure you find something
that interests your audience while at the same time showing off your expertise.

The content should also help you qualify your audience.

maximize engagement, create a good content mix of different topics and themes.

Use a conversational tone and avoid corporate speak in your posts. A good digital marketing agency in Singapore
comes in handy to help with content creation. From opinion pieces, how-to blogs, events, life and
business lessons to strategies and tactics, there’s so much you can share with
your followers.

Set Up a Company LinkedIn Page

LinkedIn business page gives an identity to your business. Many business owners
and executives in Singapore have impressive personal LinkedIn pages but forget
to build similar platforms for their companies. On the page, share details
about your business, company logo, contacts, physical address, and other
crucial details.

This page offers you another avenue to share updates and grow
your network. Your company’s LinkedIn page can boost visibility on search
engines and on the platform itself.

should share regular relevant information, including tips, trends, company
newsfeed, and much more. Avoid being self-centered and instead focus on
resolving your reader’s pain points.

Share interesting posts and ensure you run
a goal-centered LinkedIn advertising campaign. A reputable marketingagency Singapore comes in handy to help actualize your content

Organize the Editorial Workflow

It is easy to get overwhelmed by the LinkedIn
content creation and publishing process without a clear-cut plan. Assign tasks,
create a content schedule, identify topics, establish deadlines, and set
specific content goals. You should have a team of writers delivering the
content to avoid overworking one person. This improves diversity in the content
you publish.

Grow Your Network

The idea on LinkedIn is to connect like-minded
people in your line of business. Identifying and inviting such people to
connect is the most basic way to grow your network.

However, you can also grow
your network through an optimized profile page, adding an email signature to your LinkedIn URL, joining
and participating in relevant groups, sending personalized messages, among
other things.

Engage, Engage and Engage

good content on LinkedIn is not enough. Anyone
who shows interest in the content through likes, shares, or comments is a
potential lead. Reply and connect with these people to continue the
conversation. It is also smart to engage with other people’s content through
likes, sharing and high-quality, meaningful comments.

Wrapping Up

LinkedIn is a powerful social media marketing and networking tool in
Singapore, and you can harness its power to boost your content marketing
campaign. Take time to understand your target audience, define your marketing
goals, create a content schedule, identify the suitable content and keep
engaging with your followers. These tips will help you create an effective
content marketing plan for LinkedIn.

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