How to Drive Safely During Night

cars at night

You need to be extra careful while driving your used car during the night. The below-mentioned tips can ensure your safety during night driving:

Use Your Car’s Headlight

You should always use your headlight while driving during night. It illuminates the road ahead and improves your visibility. It also makes your car visible to other drivers on the road which will keep them safe from a collision. If your headlights have any technical issues or have failed, then you should not drive during the night.

Maintain a Safe Distance from Other Vehicles

While driving at night, you should maintain a safe distance from another vehicle near you. It is better to maintain enough distance from the vehicle directly in front of you. This does not put undue pressure on the driver of the car in front of you and also provides additional reaction time to you. If you are too close to the vehicle in front, your headlight can create unnecessary glare which can be unsafe for the driver ahead.

Always Stay Alert

You need to be extra alert while driving during the night. You should follow the basics of driving and be more alert watching out for traffic movements and lights near you. You can come across children or animals on the road which may be difficult to spot. If you are not alert to such situations and driving fast, then it will reduce your reaction time which may lead to unfortunate mishaps.

Don’t Drive Too Fast

It is tempting to drive fast during night when the traffic is less. However, you should be doing just the opposite of it. It is recommended to drive slower than normal during night which will give you additional time to react. This will not only improve your safety but will ensure the safety of other drivers on the road. If you are driving from a brightly illuminated area to a dim lighted area, it is better to reduce your speed as your eyes will need some time to adjust to the low light.

Don’t Drive Tired

Driving at night may mean that you have reached the end of your busy day and are tired. If you are too tired, it is not a good idea to start driving immediately. Driving in the night makes you feel more tired and sleepy as your body starts to unwind from the hectic day. You should try to schedule your drives such that you will not be driving when you most tired during the night. If you are feeling too tired, then it is not worth to drive and put yourself and others at risk. If it is inevitable to drive, you should consider using the services of a driver to stay safe.

Make Sure to check if you car has been recalled for

Cars have always had faults. There have always been defects or safety hazards, often present in millions of cars globally. The reason there are so many recalls these days isn’t because the quality is going down, but because the quality standards, checks and balances manufacturers are beholden to are more stringent.

You can get a PPSR report from A PPSR report contains detailed information about a car — its make and model, VIN, engine part number, encumbrance and write-off status, and more. It also includes the recall status, letting you know for example if it’s part of the global Takata airbag recall.

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