How To Find the for Small Spaces?

How To Find the for Small Spaces: Having a hard time managing to store all your appliances and necessities in your kitchen with the space available to you? Expand your kitchen with….

A kitchen island is an excellent addition to small spaces and It comes in all diverse colours, sizes, and shapes. One of its major benefits is that you can tailor the kitchen island to fit your style because no regulations govern their design.

Of course, getting a portable island ensures easy movement in the kitchen. It is mainly true when you have a tiny kitchen consisting of plenty of chefs. Finding a perfect kitchen island that meets your needs and fits your small kitchen space can be hard with plenty of options available. This post will discover top kitchen island design ideas for small spaces.

Best Kitchen Islands

Guide to Choosing Best Kitchen Islands for Small Spaces

When selecting a small kitchen island, use these modern kitchen island decor ideas below:

1. Size

You must choose an island of the correct size. There must be sufficient space to move the island around and clearance to open equipment that might hinder your kitchen workflow. The size of a kitchen island will depend on the actual size of the kitchen.

Moreover, it can be as small as 40” by 40”. The average dimensions of an island are 2 feet by 6 and a ½ feet. Typically, the kitchen island must have 42” space on each side of equipment usage and optimal movement.

So, make sure you consider the size of your space when shopping for an island. Many builders can assist you in designing an island with exact depth and height specs to fit perfectly in your limited space.

2. Location

You can place an island anywhere in your kitchen, but that does not mean you should. Kitchen islands must go to a location where they are more useful. If you plan to use the island for serving food, place it near the stove. On the other hand, if you are going to use it to prepare food, putting it closer to the pantry or refrigerator is a great idea.

3. Height

The island height should be 30, 36, or 42. You can even blend multiple heights according to your needs. Becoming aware of how you will use your kitchen island will help you select the right height. Below are the recommended heights for a few kitchen activities:

  • Baking
    : 30” counter height
  • Food Preparation: 36” height
  • Additional Storage: 36” counter height is best if you are planning to add plenty of stuff.
  • Eating: For adding bar stools, 42” is the perfect height

4. Daily Details

When planning and measuring your kitchen island placement, paying full attention to the daily details is also essential. For example, keep in mind your seating needs, add a shelf below your kitchen island for additional storage of everyday items, an island with detailed legs for extra support, etc.

5. Material

Keep two factors in mind while picking on a material for the kitchen island countertops. Firstly, the material should complement the overall design of your small kitchen.

Secondly, the material should be suitable for the activities you are planning to do on your kitchen island. For example, if you plan to do a lot of cutting and chopping, choosing quartz or a butcher block for the counter space is a great idea.

6. Specific Features

Before picking the island, you must decide whether you want particular features like a premium quality Caesarstone quartz countertop, a slide-out table for additional seating, etc.

a. Extra Storage

Homeowners with tiny spaces must consider a kitchen island that comes with extra storage in the form of open shelves, drawers, and hooks. It will not just look awesome but will also give you an additional storage space to effectively store your pans, utensils, pots, etc. The beauty of open shelving is that they allow you to showcase and offer quick access to dishware.

b. Portability

Picking an island with high-quality wheels consisting of a locking mechanism is a good idea if you have a tiny kitchen. It is also one of the cost-effective and modern kitchen island decor ideas. A movable island adds versatility. It gives more space when you and your friends want to cook a meal in bulk. Once you are done, you can roll your island to another place.

c. Seating Area

Ensure that the kitchen island you select must have a small seating area for a stove and sink and casual eating. Your stool should allow a 300 mm overhang at least. 900m is the standard height. However, it is recommended by professionals to expand it up to 1000 mm.

d. Butcher Block Island with Legs

The kitchen island with butcher blocks is a multifunctional, durable, and timeless furniture piece that helps you convert your kitchen into a vintage look while maintaining a modern style.

It will help you in two ways – provide more storage options and more workspace. You can choose a butcher block island with legs. It is perfect for tiny kitchens because it gives an illusion of space. A butcher block usually sits on the top of an island. It comes in many styles, finishes, and shades and is very easy to install and repair.

7. Shape

As per the 2021 study, homeowners are now incorporating practical storage in the kitchen islands. Kitchen islands are now available in countless shapes like rectangular, square, triangular, L and u-shaped islands, and more.

However, square islands can fit into a wide assortment of kitchens that fail to accommodate additional luxury. It makes them perfect for small kitchens. These square kitchen islands can also make the remaining kitchen more spacious by freeing worktops from large equipment.

8. Open or Closed

How do you know – an open or closed island is best for you? For small kitchens, an island with open space under the counter is one of the superb kitchen island design ideas for small spaces. They help to lighten the visual island weight so that it does not overpower a tiny kitchen space.

Wrapping Up:

A spacious and fully functional kitchen does not need to be big. No matter the kitchen size, there is a potential for excellent display, functionality, and storage. So do not feel limited by your tiny kitchen. Getting a kitchen island for your small kitchen serves as a unifying centerpiece. It helps you add an alluring storage area and add more function to your space.

Moreover, if you want to sell your property at some point, modern kitchen island decor ideas can help you increase the value of your building. All the factors mentioned above and your personal style will help you pick the best kitchen islands for small spaces.

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