How to Fix Can’t Play Recorded Video

With technological advancement, recording videos has become a common phenomenon in almost every sector. Whether it’s the need for video evidence or capturing moments of joy and happiness, recording videos comes as the first choice. If you have too many videos recorded and stored on your phone or computer, then finding errors in playing them can be troublesome. With the help of the latest video repair tools, you can easily repair and fix your recorded videos with errors.

So, if you find that your video won’t play after several attempts, you can choose to fix them with the help of repair tools. In this article, you will learn the reasons for video play errors, how to use video repair tools, and how to keep other videos protected from corruption. So, let’s dig in.

Top Reasons Why You Can’t Play Recorded Video

It is essential to record videos and store them on a proper external drive, pen drive, or memory card. However, you may find errors in playing your videos. At times your video will show ‘can’t play videos’ or ‘sorry, unable to play this video format.’

The primary reason behind this error is that your videos have been corrupted. There’s nothing to worry about, as Wondershare’s Repairit software can easily fix your video errors. But you must know the reasons behind this issue before heading with the repair solution.

  • Try to avoid recording videos on low battery as it may disrupt the recording, cause damage to your video, and end up resulting in errors playing them.
  • You can find errors in playing videos if it’s stored in a system with infected malicious threats like Trojan, malware, etc.
  • If you remove your device’s memory card abruptly, you can end up having errors playing your videos.

How To Use Video Repair Tools To Fix Can’t Play Recorded Video

Suppose you want to fix the issue of corrupted recorded videos in your storage. In that case, you can rely on the Repairit software as it works on any computer to alleviate errors from recorded videos. Some of the issues that can be fixed via Repairit are:

  • Fixes issues of corruption in the recorded video sound, header, and frames.
  • Repairs corrupted data in the videos and alleviates errors in recorded video sliders.
  • Repairs and fixes the issue of corrupted video on any Windows operating system.

Some of the ways to use this video repair tool are:

Adding The Video: You have to download the Wondershare Repairit software. Then, you can add the corrupted video file to the software to start repairing it. You can simply click on the ‘add’ button on the navigation panel of the software program.

recorded video - Adding The Video

Repairing The Video: After adding the file, you can browse and click on the Repair button. Then, wait until the software program automatically fixes the issue. This software uses in-built programming to fix your corrupted video as well as enhance its resolution quality.

Repairing The Video
Previewing The Repaired Video:
After the completion of repairing, you can preview your video file and store it in your preferred location. Ensure to store the video file in a safe and threat-free operating system or storage device.

Play Recorded Video - Previewing The Repaired Video

How To Protect Recorded Video From Corruption?

If you want to avoid corruption in your videos to eliminate the chances of video repair, you can follow two simple steps.

  • Having Complete Backup: You can ensure optimal protection for your recorded videos through a thorough backup for those files. You can use any external device for storage such as a CD, external hard disk, pen drive, memory card, etc.
  • Installing Antivirus Software: You can install antivirus software into your system to protect your video files from getting corrupted, especially while sharing. This software scans your video files to minimize the chance of corruption. They alleviate any traces of malware or viruses that could potentially damage your video files.
  • Troubleshooting The Operating System: You can always choose to troubleshoot the operating system or video player in your system. You can choose this method if you find signs of the video files being corrupted. Also, you can keep your operating system as well as the video player updated to its latest version for avoiding corruption.

With these techniques and ways, you can protect your video files from getting corrupted and store or treasure the valuable data and cherishable memories on your videos.

Closing Words

Recorded videos involve some of the most valuable moments of your life. Whether it’s a professional video file such as your video resume or a video treasuring your beloved memories from the wedding, finding trouble to play them can be a mood destroyer. Keeping the frustration aside, you will have to look for a solution to repair it. Thanks to Repairit and it’s excellent, quick and reliable service that securely fixes your video corruption issue.

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