How to Host a Perfect Post Wedding Brunch? We Got You Covered!

Your guest and family members must have danced all night long at your wedding. It takes an immense amount of calories to shake a leg throughout the wedding day.

Right after waking up, all of your guests will go on a hunger strike if they don’t get the lip-smacking food to satiate their exponentially increasing hunger.

A post-wedding brunch becomes quintessential for guests after the arduous long night. Arranging a toothsome post-wedding brunch can certainly bring a huge smile on your guest’s face and ensure they are ready to electrify the post-wedding rituals with utmost enthusiasm and energy.

The question pops up here is how to plan a delectable and the perfect post-wedding brunch? If your wedding function was grand and spectacular, then you have to make sure your post-wedding brunch should also live up to the expectations.

Apart from taking the helping hands from budget wedding planners in Delhi, below, we have stated some crucial pointers to host a picture-perfect post-wedding brunch for your guests. You will get to see the little more of your guests who have travelled so far just to attend your wedding function.

Planning a Post-Wedding Brunch? Here’s What You Need to Know:

1. Food Choice

Well, we are talking about brunch here so obviously the food choices should be the perfect mixture of morning breakfast and lunch food items.

The brunch food menu must encapsulate appetizing and hunger-satiating nutritious food items like fruit, bacon, eggs, muffin, pancakes, waffles, sausages, etc.

Make one person in charge of the brunch food. Whether it is your mom, brother, or close family member. They will ensure the proper supply of food to guests. You can also add mouth-watering food items like Maggie, burger, or home-made Pizzas with espresso to spruce up the brunch menu.

2. Make a List of Invites

Unless you make a clear list of all the guests, you will never get the clear idea of the quantity of food you have to rope in for the brunch.

Generally, you must invite all those people who are from out of the town, your few close neighbors, family friend, and relatives who stayed with you. Though you can invite as many individuals as you want, however, you have to feed them and take care of the budget as well.

3. Venue Selection

Most of the times events like brunch is either hosted at the home or some other family member place. However, if you are hosting a destination wedding, in that scenario, a wedding lawn which you have booked for hosting the wedding function would be an exemplary choice.

Of course, renting the venue for one more day will cost you a bit more. But each guest will eat the brunch to the fullest. To avoid any chaos or disarrangement, make sure to hire a spacious venue where you can smoothly cook the food and serve to guests.

4. Take Advantage of The Space

The venue you will take on rent must have ample space to seamlessly host other activities apart from the brunch. When you have ample space, you can host a number of activities to entertain your guests and make the post-wedding day more happening.

Invite all the close members and out of the town guests to join the casual get-together brunch, and also arrange the conveyance for those who aren’t staying at your home. For the brunch, there is no need to decorate the venue with fancy props like ribbons or balloons. Keep things simple and low-key. Let your guests have the breakfast till they stuff up your stomach and relive the fun of wedding function.

This is all about hosting a perfect post-wedding brunch. If you have some other ideas in mind, feel free to share with us!

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