How To Improve Business Performance?


Every company has experienced times when the business is slow. There are no customers, no new leads, and yet the expenses keep on piling up. While it is normal to have down and peak seasons, a consistently low turnout over a long period of time should be a case for concern. A business that is spending more than it’s earning is one that should be analyzed properly. What good would a business be if it is just going to drive the owner bankrupt?

There are multiple reasons why a company experiences low and high amount of sales. Some are naturally occurring phenomenon in the market while some are more controllable and can thus be avoided.

One such example of a naturally occurring phenomenon is the Christmas season. Generally, this is the season of giving. People are buying gifts, splurging out, and generally being loose with the purse strings. This is one of the rare times when the market is at its strongest. The propensity to spend is high and there is no stopping anyone from running their bank account to the ground with gifts and revelries.

January rolls by and this is when people realize just how much they’ve spent and how little they have left. Everyone tries to spend as little as they can, leaving the market dry. The sense of need to buy is just simply gone.

This is one unavoidable occurrence in the market. On the other hand, a business that doesn’t exert any meaningful effort to constantly improve their product and service is doomed to fail no matter how in-demand they are.

Here are some tried-and-tested methods to improve business performance.

Track All Cash Flows

You would be surprised by just how much you are earning and spending. Often, a business forgets to keep track of their cash flows as there are just more important tasks at hand that must be done. However, they could not be more wrong. By tracking your cash flows, you can have a tighter hold on just how much your business spends each month. This will get you through the lean times without facing a hemorrhaging bank account.

Integrate A Vendor Life Cycle Management Software

Sometimes, it’s not your fault that business is down. Your vendors may not be performing enough or they are not delivering altogether. Integrating a Vendor Lifecycle Management software into your company will definitely mitigate this.

This monitoring software will not only allow you to track your existing vendors’ performance but also provides you with the ability to quickly add any new vendors that you deal with, keeping an organized system for better and faster decision making.

Try Social Media Marketing

Gone are the days when traditional marketing like billboards and TV ads are still highly effective. With social media taking over everyone’s time, it doesn’t take a genius to know that it has transformed to be one of the most effective mediums of marketing. Establishing a social media presence with a strong following will guarantee that your business will see a considerable increase in sales. This is because branding will stick to your audience and when it comes to choosing between your product and your competitors’, they’d choose you.


Give out coupons. Launch 50% off sales. Have a raffle. Whatever is the most appropriate gimmick that can entice the market into buying despite trying times. Offering exciting incentives will encourage more people to try out your product and/or service especially if they don’t “really” need it. After all, part of marketing and branding is how to make the market think that they need you in their lives even if they don’t.

Boost Morale In The Organization

Organizations with unmotivated and unproductive staff will obviously face negative problems. A negative aura, even if it’s just a vibe, will greatly affect the business, how you deal with your customers, and how you provide your products and/or services. Take the time to boost morale and ensure that everyone is happy while working under you.

Talk to your staff and find out what they want, what they need, if there’s something bothering them, and if there are any helpful suggestions they can give to help the company perform better. Some may even have suggestions that can help not only improve your business performance but also your internal affairs.

Reexamine Business Model

When all has been said and done and your business is still under performing despite a strong market, it would be time to reexamine your business model. Maybe your product and/or service has already become irrelevant to the market. It would then be crucial that you adjust and make the necessary steps to becoming relevant once again.

Failure to do so would drive your company to the ground. One such example is the tale of Blockbuster. Once a mega-company that dominated the world, Blockbuster is now considered as a scary tale to tell businesses so they do not follow in its footsteps.

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