How to Integrate Bitcoin Payments in Your Website

Are you aware that bitcoin use is growing very fast all over the world? What’s it you’re waiting for? Well, joining its market is a personal opinion, we really don’t suggest that you should, until you’re convinced that it’s the best. Lately, bitcoin has been talked about everywhere on social networks. Major retailers have joined the league already, and are accepting goods exchange for bitcoin besides investing in it Overstock and Steam. You actually don’t have to accept it as payment, and no need to know much before indulging in it. Some services instantly turn your bitcoin wallet into hard cash; it’s simply like accepting a regular currency. This article discusses how you can integrate bitcoin payments on your website. But we shall start by first knowing why you should consider accepting bitcoins. Let’s have a look.


Reasons for accepting bitcoins

Since 2009, bitcoin adoption is taking the lead more so among online business dealers.

The following are some of the reasons you should consider working with bitcoins. They include;

  • Availability of payment processors– You probably not be ready to receive direct payments, but be sure we’ve got several processors to deal with your problem. They mainly convert it into normal
  • It’s easy– Receiving payment is easier. You simply provide your address and inform the amount its users need to pay.
  • Bitcoin is faster– Other payments like credit cards may take a few weeks or days before accessing your money, but bitcoin, as soon as you get a confirmation, you can begin using your cash. It’s actually minutes.
  • You can invest in bitcoin– While it’s volatile, its value keeps increasing from time to time.
  • Low charges– There are no charges involved in bitcoin transactions unless you have a processor as the third party. Of course, you’ll need some fee for the network to process the payment, unlike other methods.

How you can accept bitcoin payment in your site


Did you know you can get bitcoin payment and convert into bank withdrawals effortlessly? Yes, you can. It’s done through bitpay. The transformation only requires a one percent fee charge to transact the amount. Unfortunately, it lacks pulling double duty in exchange like coinbase, which shall be dealt with next. It entirely handles payment processing. Bitpay payment has gained popularity, and it’s among the main payments used by platforms such as Steam and Shopify. It has various uses. For example, one time payment acceptance, supporting integration dozens having major forums, receiving donations, and setting up subscriptions. Furthermore, it manages your invoices and record keeping. For this reason, it’s relevant for websites in need of an all in one solution.


  • Takes care of record keeping and invoicing mainly for bitcoin payments.
  • Sets up recurring subscriptions, one-time payments, and donations in your site.
  • Allows money withdrawal from your bank after accepting bitcoin payment.


As an entrepreneur, you should think about using coinbase. It’s among the biggest bitcoin exchanges. You can sell or buy bitcoins using your credit cards or bank account. It also provides merchant service. This is how it happens, begin by signing up an individual or business merchant service platform. Ensure you grasp your credentials for signing in to avoid future frustrations. As always, use strong passwords to avoid hacker’s ease of access to your account. Whichever the created account was chosen, you can start receiving bitcoin payment from your website. Be sure the coins will appear directly in the coinbase account.

From there, it’ll be easier to use your account for coins conversion and withdrawal from the bank at a 1% fee charge if you wish to store your coins, fine. No one charges you for that apart from the amount given on withdrawing. In short, bitcoin is an excellent choice for investing your business money, especially for interested parties. Having withdrawals to your local bank account every day is even better if your site receives numerous sales.


  • Money withdrawal from your bank account at a one percent fee.
  • An enabled bitcoin payment through your website through any service desired.
  • Instructing the account to keep your bitcoin earnings and liquidating others.

Manual payment

In most cases, bitcoin services mainly rely on third parties to sell points. But, did you know it’s possible to accept payment through your site without having to use other platforms? It’s simple. Start by generating a bitcoin location for each sale on the website, followed by offering information about the much to be sent. Give it a few minutes or hours, and you’ll receive coins, which can be processed immediately after confirmation. You should be good at invoicing and billing because nobody does it on your behalf. Additionally, I know how to plan for goods or service delivery, and give manual address payment. While the method seems very engaging with too much work, it cuts out middlemen that would need some payment. It mainly favors websites receiving smaller sales volumes or those accepting payments from time and again.


  • No need for a third party. It helps save the amount that would have been given to the middleman.
  • You can use whatever currency of choice for bitcoin exchange. Various platform options are accepting it, including LocalBitcoin.
  • You can also store bitcoins in any wallet of choice, and wait for the transaction as soon as it gets confirmed.

The Bottom Line

No one knows the fate of bitcoin use in the future. However, it’s very sensible accepting its use for making payment on your site. It’s because many people use it for trading, and you can still get more information about bitcoin trading from money lending organizations, such as GM Creditz. The good news is we have various methods enabling you to start accepting bitcoin use through an account created on your website with a lot of comforts. It’s excellent as it empowers you to do business and acquire more exposure to your business to the world.

The following are the three general methods used for integrating your bitcoins. They hare; Bitpay a processor for manning donations, subscriptions, invoicing, and record keeping through your website. Next is the Coinbase that doubles exchanges as a payment processor, and manual payment, which spares middlemen and allows manual accepting of payments. The latter is very involved but saves you some amount. Let’s also know your opinion about bitcoin processing through your comments.

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