How to Make Your Modern Bathroom Look Period


bathrooms need the occasional style update in the interest of boosting value.
The trouble is that the bathroom can be famously expensive to renovate, which
makes transient trends unattractive renovation prospects. Enter the
period-style bathroom – there’s something about the good old-fashioned style
that lasts through the ages, saving you plenty of money over time. If you are
considering a classic bathroom design, it’s worth noting a few key points.

colors work harder

color scheme can seem like a non-committal decision, since the wall color can
be updated at any time, but when you consider the amount of work involved,
you’ll see the value in
choosing a timeless shade. Whites and neutrals
may not always have been on-trend, but they have played central roles in
bathroom design many seasons over, and the reason comes down to their
flexibility as a backdrop to everything else in the room. The choice of a basic
wall color will give you the freedom to make a short-term investment in key
pieces you like for right now, knowing you’ll have an easy job swapping them
out if you so choose later on.

fixtures aren’t so basic

you have your color scheme worked out, selecting fixtures should be an easy
task. The main question, beyond which tone of silver, gold, copper, or matte
you fancy, is how you plan to have your fixtures installed. Exposed fixtures
make for a classic period look, with the added bonus of aesthetic intrigue, and
as is the case with your wall color, they’ll help you establish a long-term
color scheme. Beware trendy shades like metallic rose gold or pastels,
especially if you would like for your bathroom style to stay fresh long-term –
instead, opt for a classic silver or gold, and coordinate as closely as
possible throughout the room.

the freedom

says old-fashioned chic quite like
a stylish clawfoot bathtub. Not only are these
freestanding, giving you the ability to move them around and slot them into
tight crevices if needed, but they’re also a great investment in terms of value
retention. Clawfoot baths are a textbook example of a period trend that kept its
timeless appeal, and in good condition, they’re often worth a decent sum. In
the interest of functionality, opt for one made from porcelain, and you’ll
enjoy an easy cleaning ritual for many years to come.

on function

space is a commonly-overlooked piece of the bathroom puzzle, possibly because
it isn’t usually as essential or expensive as other key features. Depending on
the size of your bathroom, it’s worth devoting some space to a roomy cupboard
or a nifty set of storage racks to hold personal care products, towels, and
maybe even cleaning products.
Other functional
include wall-hung towel racks or hooks, shower caddies, and anything
else that helps you keep the essentials off the floor and out of the way.

be afraid of bathroom art

bathroom may not be the first place you think about when it comes time to hang
your favorite new artistic acquisition, but when you’re getting into an
old-fashioned design, or simply looking to cement your chosen color scheme, a
great piece of art could do the trick. It may even be enough to distract from a
dodgy tiling job in case you can’t spare the change to fix it. When choosing
your art, the most important qualifier is the color scheme, so opt for
something with at least a tinge of your tile or wall color in the mix.

renovations may not be cheap or easily done, but making the right changes can
make a significant difference to the look, feel, and value of the room. A
period-style renovation is just one of many options on the table for
homeowners, but it is a great long-term investment for those longing to bring a
touch of classic vintage style to their homes.

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