How to Manage a Gaming Budget

Managing a gaming budget isn’t that difficult once you know what you are doing. Here are five simple steps to help you manage your gaming budget without going into the red.


Firstly, you need to plan a budget. You can do this by looking at what money you have coming in every month and what you have going out on bills, rent, and other living costs. The figure you are left with is your spending money. However, it is always prudent to put some of this money away so that you can pay unexpected bills or find the money for a celebration such as Christmas or a friend’s birthday.

Your final figure can be spent any way you like. If you want to spend it all on gaming, you can, but if you want to enjoy other hobbies as well, it might be best to set yourself a gaming budget using a percentage of the money you are left with once everything else has been paid.


Now comes the hard bit: once you have planned how much you have to spend on gaming, you need to have the discipline to stick to it to avoid going into the red or having to borrow from another pot of money that you had earmarked for something else.

Play with Money You Can Afford to Lose

Gaming Budget

Treat your gaming budget as something you will lose over the course of the month and never be tempted to borrow from elsewhere so that you can win back any overspending. This is a sure-fire way to get yourself into trouble. When you are playing the best online casinos, only play with money you can afford to lose and remember that the money you have set aside for gaming will need to last you the rest of the month.

Disable In-App Purchasing

This is a handy tool to help you stick to your budget. Some online gaming companies promote products to encourage you to keep playing and spending your money on gaming. However, if you go into your phone settings, you can disable in-app purchasing so you can’t spend money without coming out of the game. This gives you the time to stop and consider whether it is worth buying the product now, whether it is best left until next month, or whether you need it at all.

Walk Away

If you find that gaming is affecting your finances too badly, it might be time to walk away. If you can’t stick to your budget and you regularly find yourself going into the red at the end of each month, you may find that taking a break from this hobby puts your finances into perspective. It will give you time to recoup your losses and rebalance your finances before you enter the fun world of gaming again.

Follow these five tips to help you manage your gaming budget and stay in credit throughout the month. If you don’t spend all your budget by the end of the month you can always treat yourself next payday.

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