How To Easily Move Around The Worksheet In MS Excel

Navigating the worksheet can either be done by using the mouse or the keyboard. Navigating around an MS Excel document can be fun if really you mastered the pros and cons of the formulas.

In order to move around the worksheet area by using the mouse, you should follow the instruction below:

A cell can be made active by clicking the cell. Any cell that is clicked upon on the worksheet is known as an active cell.

You can also move around the worksheet window by clicking on the horizontal and vertical scrollbar.

Note: that a worksheet is that part of the screen consisting of grid lines, rows and and columns. Columns are labeled while rows are numbered.

You move between worksheet by clicking the sheet tabs at the bottom of any worksheet window either in the math worksheets or budget worksheet.

On the other hand which is: Navigating the worksheets using the keyboard.

Arrow Keys: Moves the cell pointer in the different of the arrow one cell at a time.

CTRL + Up/Down Arrow Keys: Moves the cell pointer up/down to the very beginning/end of the current columns.

CTRL + Left/Right Arrow Keys: Moves the cell pointer left /right to the edge of the current data entry.

Tab: Moves the active cell to the cell on the right.

Home: Move the cell pointer to the first cell of the row.

Ctrl +Home Key: Move the active cell to the first cell in the worksheet, i.e. A1.

Page Up/Page Down: Moves the cell pointer up/down one screen.

Alt + Page up/ Page down key: Moves the active cell left/right on screen.

Ctrl + page up/down: Moves the active cell to the previous/next worksheet area in the workbook.

Data Entry In Excel

MS Excel accepts numbers, labels, and formula as data entry into the worksheet for manipulation.

  • Labels: In MS-Excel, the labels consist of text and combination of text and numbers. Labels are always left aligned by default.
  • Numbers: Consist of numeric digits from 0 through 9. Numbers are Usually aligned right by default.
  • Formula: The purpose of the formula is to instruct the work to perform calculations automatically. This function could be considered a supper teacher in worksheets.

Note that: A formula must begin with an equal (=) sign. And it is an expression that performs calculations on worksheet data.

The above shortcut is the most easier way to quickly jump to a different Microsoft Excel worksheet in the current workbook.

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