How To Optimize Your Instagram Profile

There’s no doubt about technology’s hold on society today, considering how far it is progressing to this day. Indeed, you can see its influence in almost every aspect of one’s life, be it for entertainment, communication, or even business-related matters. Now, there’s no area technology hasn’t touched yet.

However, because technology aims for convenience, you’ll find some of these areas combined to hit two birds with one stone. Even social media sites are starting to merge aspects other than ‘communication’ and ‘entertainment.’ An example of this is how creating an engaging Instagram post can boost your business in no time.

Yet admittedly, this strategy needs to be nailed down to a science to pull off a good one. Besides, Instagram is one of the ‘social media giants’ nowadays. That means your audience can go even farther than you have when advertising your products personally.

How To Optimize Your Instagram Profile

So, with that big of an audience, you need to know how to handle your Instagram profile in the best way possible. Hence, consider turning to an Instagram growth service for your optimization needs. This is because sometimes you’re targeting a large following, including veteran social media users already familiar with many gimmicks made by other brands. Hence, what you need to do is to learn to optimize your profile. You can do this by doing the following:

1. Create A Business Account

Personal Instagram accounts typically consist of pictures and texts to attract more followers or engage with them. Therefore, the only features these users pay attention to are their follower count and Instagram’s liking system.

In contrast, business accounts are much more analytical-based. Instead of only relying on how big your following is, you can see the progress it took for you to reach a specific follower milestone. Growth services like Kicksta utilize these details to assist you even better in establishing your business’s online presence. The data gathered from your progress consists of helpful information, such as:

  • Audience demographics
  • Post impressions
  • Post-performance
  • Follower growth

Furthermore, Instagram business accounts feature contact buttons for potential customers to reach out to the brand representatives. Do this using Instagram’s direct message, email, and even SMS. This way, customer support will be right under their fingertips.

So, if you want to convert your Instagram profile to a business account, all you have to do is access your account setting by looking for a cog icon. Then, scroll down a bit and click ‘Switch to Business Profile.’ Instagram will give out instructions as soon as you do that. Once finished, your business account’s good to go.

2. Showcase Your Brand

Because you’re using your Instagram profile for business, you need to establish your brand right off the bat. Make sure your username, or your ‘handle,’ remains on-brand to make it easier to find. Although that sounds simple, you might find someone else owning this handle. Thus, you need to be creative when adding something extra while sticking to the brand.

Although it’s easier to look up your username, your profile picture can also help bring your entire account together. So, it should be just as recognizable as your username. Make sure to update it from time to time to keep your followers latched on for any change.

Speaking of pictures, Instagram became a popular social media site for how much exposure it puts on posting pictures. Hence, you need to apply as much effort when taking photos of your products. However, be sure to retain a common theme for each post. This way, your audience can identify your aesthetic at a glance.

How To Optimize Your Instagram Profile

3. Enable Your Notifications

If you want to see any development in your marketing, do your part in engaging with the audience. Doing this requires commitment because you’re supposed to be appealing to your followers. By seeing how hands-on you are with your account, they’ll consider your products are updated in return.

4. Highlight Products

Utilize Instagram’s Highlights feature. Compared to regular posts, these won’t get buried as soon as you post something new.

Here, they’re brought to light for 24 hours with their own spot between your profile bio and the rest of your posts. This feature can function as a ‘sneak peek’ for any new product or an exclusive view of what goes behind the scenes. What makes the time limit beneficial is it heightens the intrigue for potential customers even further, especially ones who just heard about your business from one of your followers.

5. Create Emojis

Besides swoon-worthy pictures, Instagram is also known for its iconic hashtags. After all, it’s fun to capture a thought with only a few words. So, while you can use your brand name as a hashtag, it’s highly recommended you create a catchy phrase that stays on brand. If nothing comes to mind, why not design an emoji every time someone uses your hashtag? This way, they can still market your brand while having fun.


Running a business is challenging when there are too many factors to consider. If you neglect one of these factors, your business will likely be affected. The same goes for managing social media pages.

Considering how big Instagram is, you need to work twice as hard in attaining engagement from the audience. Otherwise, they’ll see you as nothing more than another brand. However, by utilizing Instagram’s exclusive features for business accounts, you can improve your exposure further and attract more customers.

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