How to Phrase Your Question in a Tarot Reading

There are no rules regarding which questions querents can pose during tarot card psychic readings. The inquiries that guide readings may be specific or general. A helpful reading is achieved through a meaningful connection to a skilled reader’s layout and interpretation of the cards in a spread. Find out more about several reading methods and how other tools such as my daily horoscope can be helpful in preparation for a tarot reading.

Consider a Cold Reading

A cold tarot reading is one without initiated without any precise inquiry phrased by the querent. This approach to psychic readings may not be as directed or targeted as readings based on questions or seeking insight in an area of life or with regard to a certain situation or relationship. At the same time, the general perspective offered by a cold reading may offer querents insight that extends beyond the limitations of their present perspective.

Tarot Reading

Cold readings that are done with the conventional Celtic Cross spread or a similar layout may allow the cards to select the significator, or the card that represents the querent. The significance of this card will provide some direction for the rest of the cards in a reading. Readings that involve the selection of a significator at the start of the reading tend to lead to more direct insights.

Pose a Precise Question

If you are seeking guidance for a particular area of your life or insight regarding a specific situation, you may want to direct a reading with a question. The question that forms the basis of a reading can be as general or specific as you desire, though the cards often do not provide exact “yes” or “no” answers so much as suggestions that pertain to possible outcomes.

Depending on the question you are asking and the individual or situation to which it pertains, a reader may select a significator card to guide a reading. Once again, the spread being used will determine the role of this card. When seeking answers to a specific inquiry, it is important to focus your thoughts and intentions. A psychic skilled in the tarot can direct the energy of your concentration into a card reading.

Take a General Approach

A middle ground between a completely cold reading and a directed reading is to ask a psychic reader for broad insights pertaining to particular areas of your life. Some of the most common subjects of these readings include love, work, money or a querent’s life path. Tarot readers often point out that general calls for guidance allow these narrative-driven cards to offer more comprehensive and intuitive guidance to querents.

Whether you try a cold or more directed approach to a tarot reading guided by a general or specific inquiry, an experienced tarot reader can provide the insight you are seeking. Readings are directed by cards but informed by a reader’s connection to Source and knowledge of the deck. While the questions you pose are significant, psychic readers have the skills needed to perform cold or directed readings that provide guidance and insight.

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