How to Pick the Right SeedBox for Yourself

SeedBoxes aren’t exactly mainstream yet, but if you’re an Internet junkie or a tech nerd, you probably know about seedboxes. If you’re on the market for the best provider, here are some tips to help you select the right seedbox for yourself.

  • Shared SeedBoxes

This is usually the go-to type and the most affordable option. Most shared seedboxes already come with configuration and a user-friendly web interface. The term shared is because you share a physical web server with other users. Don’t worry about privacy, though. Shared seedbox users all have their own private and individual accounts. What you need to keep in mind with shared seedboxes is if your provider divides the server among the users using a fixed resource, or if the server is shared. If the server is shared, it can slow things down for a lot of users who are torrenting at the same time. It also matters how much bandwidth and storage space you have on a monthly basis.

  • Advanced SeedBoxes

For advanced users, going for a VPS or virtual private server is the solution that will give you a huge portion of a larger physical server. But then, compared to a shared seedbox, users on an advanced seedbox won’t be running on the same machine with an account-based system. Instead, users will get a virtual machine that comes with root access, enabling you to customize it. This advanced seedbox gives advanced users a decent balance control that comes with a dedicated physical server and the cost of a shared seedbox.


How do I use a shared SeedBox?

Most seedboxes have more or less the same details of operation with a few details that make it stand out. Also, seedboxes require a subscription. For instance, the NZBGet Seedbox requires a subscription to a Usenet service. After you sign up for an account and pay for the fees, your credentials will be sent to your email together with a link to your seedbox’ web interface. You can get up and running with your seedbox and user account within an hour.

When you log into the interface, you’ll see several web apps, and these are usually cloud-based torrent clients, a dashboard showing your stars, and a file management system. Different providers add on different value-added products, so this really depends on what you want and need.

Loading your torrents

It’s a simple and straightforward process. All you need is to upload the torrent file from the web’s torrent interface. From here, just copy and paste the magnet link into clients such as NZBGet Seedbox.

Downloading and uploading files

If you can’t move data between seedboxes or between your own computers, then the seedbox isn’t of much use. However, there’s a way to get around to obtain your files and store them on your own server.

The most popular choice is to download your files directly via HTTPs. It’s just like downloading any other file from a website. If this is a small file, this method works, but if you want to download a huge gigabyte-sized data, you’ll most likely use SFTP. SFTP is an encrypted FTP connection where you need to provide login details to manage your files.

A whole new world of storage and torrenting is out there for you. All you need to do is explore the seedbox, and you’ll be hooked.

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