How To Represent Yourself On Wikipedia And The Necessary Measures


Wikipedia has always been authorized as a website that is merely a free and online encyclopedia. However, over the years you might have noticed that it has been recognized as a different medium. By calling it different we mean a number of things. Firstly, it has become a promotional platform although the guidelines clearly suggest that promotional content or tones can result in a ban or deletion of content. So why is it happening then? There are several ways to answer this little yet extensive query of yours.

Firstly, if you have noted this already, Wikipedia pages are always bound to show up on the top search results or pages no matter what search engine you are using. Since Google has become the most popular search engine, these numbers are noted more for Google. Now that that is set aside, the thought that Wikipedia is a free site and getting a page by finding a Wikipedia writer for hire might just be a piece of cake but that is where you are wrong. There is so much about solely Wikipedia that takes years to learn and master. If you are eager to have a page on Wikipedia then you should not stop reading from this point here on.

Looking into the depths of Wikipedia

People are still now able to figure out the main reason why Google has given so much search engine authority and presence to Wikipedia. The only possible answer to us is that the editors and moderators have made to sure the perfect set of keywords on the pages they create and that is why the pages always maintain a top position on the rankings.

To discuss Wikipedia on a more detailed perspective, the next phase is to understand what sort of content works and is approved on Wikipedia. Here is a basic checklist that you should not ignore.

  • Neutral content and tone
  • Notability testing is a must
  • Immaculate grammar and structure
  • Citations and resources
  • External links
  • Photos approved by Creative Commons license.

These are not all the main guidelines but just some of the most essential ones. If you overlook any of the aforementioned pointers then your page is bound to not be approved by the editors at Wikipedia. So, first, be sure to go through all the reasons why you need a page and then proceed towards understanding the tips to hone your content according to the main set of guidelines as set by Wikipedia.

Wikipedia pages and visible representation

Many people have correlated the notion of having a Wikipedia page to both visibility and notability and that is surely true to an extent. But you just have to find or look for a way that gives you correct representation on Wikipedia. Knowing the guidelines is never enough as you also have to find a way or work with a professional writer that does not only understand the requirements but also knows how to use those guidelines but create compelling content according to those guidelines.

The term SERPs is very common and of course, it is about earning stable rankings on search engines. For starters, you should not consider the other existing types of search engines but focus only on Google since most of the user traffic on the website is generated through Google. Now that is clear and you know what SERPs are, now you should proceed to find all the relevant and proper keywords for the content of your Wikipedia page.

Keyword selection is very crucial

Knowing only the basics or the theory of the guidelines for Wikipedia pages is important but if you cannot go into the technical bits of it, it is going to be very difficult for you. You can hire a team of SEO experts or an agency that can assist you in generating a list of keyword that you will use in your Wiki page. If working with SEO agencies every time you have to upload a page is expensive to you then you can purchase a tool, as it can be only a one-time cost for you. Using that tool, you will easily extract all the keyword that you need for page and then map them accordingly to the content that is created.

Wrapping Up

Lastly, there is nothing as important left to discuss anymore but just small advice that frequent updates or edits should be avoided. The editors can consider your edits as spam and even ban your profile for good. Do not think that after being banned, you can create a profile again and upload your page accordingly. That cannot happen as Wikipedia can ban your IP for good and if that happens, there is no other possible solution for it. Just be very smart with the edits that you will make and the content that you shall upload on the site.

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