How to safely access the Deep Web?


The deep web is like any normal website or web page which is mainly not indexed by the ordinary search engines like Google & Yahoo. It is an essential tool which would cover your anonymous and tracks which would make it is a vital tool for activists, journalists and other who want to share secret information. This deep web would also help you in enabling the blocked sites. If you are in a country where social media sites are completely blocked, then you can access the dark web version or deep web links of these sites. It would make the site accessible to you easily without any problem.

You should consider every important factor while accessing the deep web otherwise chances of getting caught is higher. You can take the help of unique set of tools which would help you in the deep web.  Are you planning to access the deep web? If yes, then this article would help you in educating a bit. Let’s go through this article now

Get a VPN

VPN is known as Virtual Private Network which is helpful in hiding your computer’s IP address easily at different location. These VPNs are highly incredible and useful for anyone and even to journalists with an interest of protecting their information and keeping them private. It offers an extra level of security which is useful for the daily needs of the users and really vital at the time of accessing the deep web. Here is a list of best VPN Services.

Consider onion

You should keep one thing in mind if you are planning to access the deep web is that you would not be able to access the deep web by going through Chrome. It is not helpful to connect to the .onion websites. An .onion address is only made for the access of anonymous websites. It is not like your web pages but it contains long strings of number which is useful in accessing the .onion websites.

If you are clicking on that link on your ordinary browser, than nothing would happen, but if you are copying it into your onion browser, then you would be able to access the Torch search engine. This is the main reason why you need Tor browser.

Download Tor

Tor is not the only way to access the deep web but it is an easiest way to learn and you would not face any problem at all. Most of the people worldwide prefer Tor only for their needs and wants. The U.S Navy has played an important role in the development of Tor so that users can read their internet activities anonymously. Tor can hide the identity of the real user by traffic encrypting and sending it through serious selected nodes.

You can use it as privacy enhanced web browser to access your favourite websites. It is also essential for going to the dark net site. You must have it otherwise you would not be able to access the .onion websites. It is available for free to download and you do not have to pay anything.

Turn Off Your Internet Connected Program

This is one of the most important things which you need to understand while accessing the deep web. Before going for the activation of Tor, make sure you are closing every open internet connecting program which is running at that time.


Tails is a live operating system which would be booted straight from the computer. It is mainly designed to handle your anonymity and privacy.

Look For Up A Secure Email Address

You should look for a secure email address as it is the right time to sign for an email address which cannot be traced. Kindly ignore Gmail as it will not work here and it is totally out of question. You need to have an untraceable Gmail address for using the .onion websites. You can check the ProtonMail and Mail2Tor. Kindly understand that you would get .onion domains as well which would help you in accessing the TOR browser. Your regular browsers like Firefox and Chrome will not work.

The Deep web would be a perfect place of real freedom for you. You can discuss openly on any topic and nobody would interfere and stop you from doing this. You are your own boss and it depends on your mood what you really want to do.

But, always keep one thing on mind, that if you are trying to stay anonymous and you get caught, you would be charged for the illegal activities which you have done on the deep web.  It includes everything which mostly search engines nowadays miss. There are many fresh websites which are treated as the deep web part.

Over To You

So, if you are going to access the deep web today or tomorrow, than make sure you are following all the above mentioned points. It would be really useful and would keep you in safest side for sure.

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