How to Save Money While Travelling?


Man, in his inner essence, is still an adventurer. Our
would, we would live like a tumbleweed, without stopping anywhere for a long
time, constantly making new acquaintances, leaving traces on unknown lands.
There is so much interesting in this world that it’s a sin to learn about
everything only from the program “Eagle and Tails”! Only now our wallets,
sighing sadly, bashfully lower their eyes.

A well thought-out several-week trip will cost you less than
a month’s stay in your country. But an Expedia
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will save you a fortune of money. Here are real examples
of how and on what to save, so as not to damage the overall travel experience.

First of all, first thing
about airplanes

Yes, flights are damn expensive right now! According to rough estimates, they
occupy a third of the total budget during travel. But many newcomers, remaining
year after year, make a number of mistakes that are not permissible for the
wallet. It is finally worthwhile to realize that the plane is not a train, and
tickets for it can be purchased in advance.

Up to a year – in advance. Ticket prices for air travel rise
inversely with the remaining time before the flight. I understand that buying a
ticket for a year is a very risky event, because in such a period so many
things can happen – you can’t predict everything. But to plan everything in a
few months is quite possible.

Travel Cost Factor

Not everyone flies on airplanes! Domestic transport can also cost a pretty
penny if you do not calculate everything in advance. In all European countries,
the cheapest way to travel is by bus. The price of such a move, on average, is
10 euros. Trains in Europe are for majors, but in countries like India, it is
just at the low-cost level. If you are one of those tourists who are not
interested in international luxury, but the real atmosphere of the country
visited, then rail transport in this case is a godsend! Here you can freely
enjoy the local beauties from the window, as well as explore the behavior of
local people in their usual environment, so to speak.

No money, therefore, I’m my
own guide

If the belts are tightened by most I don’t want to, but I really want to learn
about the city from the lips of local guides, use, where they
often post ads on the Free Walking Tour. These are free guided tours given by
local students. The only nuance is the knowledge of English, since it is on it
that the story is kept. Museums can also sometimes be accessed for free. You
just need to go to the site of the desired artifact repository and see when it
has a day of free visits. If the stars will favor you, then you can enter the
historical walls without giving a dime.

budget travel is the only real trip

The main purpose of travel is not rest, but contact with a different culture
and traditions. It is absolutely impossible to feel the atmosphere of the city
and the soul of its inhabitants if you hide all the time behind the walls of an
international-class apartment. In this case, you should not even go beyond the
borders of your place of residence! Just go to the nice hotel closest to you,
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to save some money.

But, if the spirit of adventurism has not died in you yet, ride lightly, and relying on the will of chance! Like attracts to like, and, therefore, other adventurers who meet on your way will always give you a helping hand at the right time. And give someone your hand. Know the main thing: travelers from all over the world – this is her big family! And if you are not afraid to enter her circle, then you can no longer live without such people.

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