How To Select Quartz Countertops For Your Kitchen?


Quartz is a budget-friendly material for kitchen countertops. Whether you are building a new kitchen or doing remodeling, it is a perfect choice. Quartz countertops require low maintenance and are durable. Plus, they can add a touch of luxury to your kitchen similar to granite countertops. They can fit well with any theme as they come in an array of colors and styles.

Selecting the right quartz countertops takes serious thoughts. You have to consider the size, shape, style, and color of the countertop. You can check out different colors and patterns from our wide range of Quartz Countertops.

Considering Factors For Quartz Countertops

Here are some main factors that you must consider while shopping for quartz countertops.

1. Color and Patterns

Quartz countertops are available in various colors and patterns. You can get them in light or dark colors and with a pattern that is similar to marble. But you have to be selective while shopping quartz countertop. The color and pattern of your countertop can make a big difference.

Colors and patterns can add a nice touch or alter your kitchen altogether. For example, light colors can improve lighting and make your kitchen look bigger. On the contrary, dark colors can make it appear smaller by adding a dramatic look.

2. Thickness of Quartz Countertops

Consider the thickness factor in mind while selecting quartz countertops. You need the right thickness to get the right look in your kitchen. The recommended thickness for a kitchen countertop is 1 ¼-inch or 3 cm. You can also get 1½-inch and ½-inch thick quartz countertops. However, 1 ¼-inch (3cm) and ¾-inch (2cm) are the thicknesses that are more commonly used.

3. Surface Finishing

Surface finishing depends on what type of look you want in your kitchen. It also varies with the color and pattern of your quartz countertop. In case your kitchen has a traditional or rustic style, you should go for a brushed finish. It can also add a natural look to surfaces that offer an artificial feel. But we recommend you a glossy finish for modern interior décor.

4. Selecting the Edges

Edging can add style and elegance to your kitchen countertop. Similar to finishing, edging is also a personal choice and effects pricing as well. Straight or waterfall edging is good for a quartz countertop with a thickness of 1¼ inch. Beveled, pencil, curved (ogee), round (bullnose) and laminated edging are some other options.

Laminated edges can offer a dramatic look with an extra quartz layer. In case you have cabinets with recessed or grooves features, beveled edging is a suitable option. Rounded edges are perfect for every thickness and style.

5. Style

As we mentioned earlier, quartz countertops come in many styles and appearances. You can get a countertop with the concrete feeling and appearance of granite or marble. And not every thickness or style is right for your kitchen. It all depends on what style you want to achieve. You must buy quartz countertops according to your kitchen style and theme.

6. Consider Your Budget

When it comes to price, quartz countertops are affordable than marble. On the other hand, they can add the same luxury touch as a marble countertop. Also, quartz is almost comparable to granite in prices. You can get a variety of quartz countertops in different colors, patterns, and thicknesses.

However, customized quartz countertops are costly than prefabricated ones. It will cost you extra money if you want to manufacture a quartz countertop to your specifications. The cost also goes up with the increase in length, width, and thickness.

7. Consider the Bulk

You should consider the appearance of your kitchen doesn’t have a backsplash. In case you need to hide a flaw, pick thicker quartz countertops. They are usually higher and can cover more visual space. However, if you have to tuck the countertop below a windowsill, you need less thickness. You should select a quartz countertop with a thickness of 2cm.

Takeaway Words

Color, pattern, and style are the key consideration aspects while selecting a countertop. Also, don’t overlook the thickness factor as it can give a touch of class. Lightening in your kitchen is another element that you must keep in mind. You can get a customized countertop as well in case you are willing to spend extra money.

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