How to Set Up a Baby Nursery on a Budget

Are you expecting a little delivery sometime soon? One that is going to turn your world upside down? Great! Preparing for your baby’s birth is an exciting time. One of the best parts is setting up a nursery for your little one. Unfortunately, with a child comes a lot more responsibility, and with that, expenses. When you’re expecting, you often have a budget to stick to. 

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The good news is that it is entirely possible to create a cozy and appealing nursery for your precious baby even on a tight budget. From reconsidering what’s necessary, to buying second-hand items and sometimes repurposing other pieces of furniture, there are many ways to cut costs. 

When your baby first arrives, all they really need is plenty of love, warmth, a few clean clothes, diapers and a safe and place to sleep. Of course you want to create a warm and nurturing environment for your baby, but you can take your time with that. And whatever you do, you might want to stay away from Pinterest, or at least not be sucked too deep into the imagery you see. Follow our tips for a sweet baby nursery on a budget, to reduce the stress on your wallet as you take your first step into the world of parenthood. Most people think they need to rush out and buy a crib for their baby, but a newborn baby will often be more comfortable in a bassinet or a moses basket. A crib is quite large for a tiny baby and believe it or not, they may even feel overwhelmed or frightened. You can save money by starting your baby in a non-toxic baby bassinet which is handy because it’s portable and looks really cute too! 

Another option is to invest in a crib which converts into a toddler bed, that way you’ll get more use out of it over the years. When you’re setting up your nursery, rethink the idea that everything has to be brand new. Second hand or upcycled pieces of furniture can look great too – so don’t be shy to check thrift stores or ask family and friends if they have a dresser, changing table or closet they no longer need. Maybe your grandparents have a great wooden rocking chair or glider they can pass down to you – the perfect place to sit and nurse your newborn in comfort. 

If you’re handy with a paintbrush or a sewing machine, you can add an extra coat of paint (make sure it’s lead-free) or new fabric covers to brighten things up and work well with your color scheme. An old dresser can look really chic once it’s been repainted – add a soft cushioned pad on top and you’ve got a lovely changing table. Whats great, you can store baby’s clothes and diapers inside – genius!On the topic of decorating, I recommend think long-term and go for a scheme that will grow with your child. Whites and creams look really stylish and neutral. You can always add some pops of colour or accents to keep things interesting. This way you’ll save on redecorating a few years down the line. As your child grows, you can adapt the room accordingly. 

Another good tip is to use wall decals – they’re inexpensive, easy to apply and look great. What’s more, when your little one grows out of fairies or trains, you can just peel them right off without damaging the wall.

Next we come to bedding. When you’re shopping for bedding, it’s an archaic idea that everything needs to match. Have a colour scheme in mind and go for pieces that will complement each other. Shop around for the best bargains – compare prices online for the great deals and keep an eye out for sales or clearances. 

Here’s a top tip from someone who’s been there – have two or three waterproof sheets that you can layer on top of each other. If you have a diaper leak or a sick baby in the night, you’ll appreciate just being able to take off the top layer, clean baby up and put them back to bed without having to rummage around for clean bedding. Also note- Please skip fancy crib bumpers, stuffed teddies and pillows in the bed when they are infants- they’re unnecessary and can be a serious health risk for your baby.Creating the perfect space for your precious baby can be fun and exciting, as long as you’re not stressing out about the budget. With these simple practical tips, I’m sure you’ll be setting up a cosy space without breaking the bank. I understand you may be ‘nesting’ but try not to over-stock on items that you realise six months later that you’ve not even removed the tags!

Secondhand or upcycled pieces of furniture are a great choice for the tighter budget and if they are well chosen, no one will even know the difference. Don’t be afraid to use your creativity when decorating – your nursery will be a uniquely beautiful and reflect your family’s and your baby’s personality. 

Add personal touches by hanging family pictures up on a wire peg, popping a few of your favorite childhood books in, or making prints of your baby’s hand and footprints once they arrive, as a treasured memory for the room. Good luck parents, and happy decorating.

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