How to Track Your Husband’s Cell Phone without Touching It

Does your husband spend more time with his phone than with you? Does your husband pounce at his phone even in your most intimate moments? Is he compulsively obsessive of his phone? Not all calls are work calls and not all emails and texts are work emails.

If your husband renders more attention to his mobile phone than you, you have every right to check what’s really going on. I have been using Minspy to track my husband’s phone and it showed me the version of truth that his articulated inbox never showed.

Messages can be deleted or archived without your knowledge. It is important to understand that seeing his phone when he is next to you will be much different than seeing his phone when he is not around, that is the true picture.

This is where Minspy app comes to the rescue. It is an app that provides reliable spying solutions for keeping a track on your loved ones. The app has over a million users who trust the platform for its superb services.

Minspy: The Super Spy App

Everyone is glued to the phone, and that is for a reason. We prefer texting and calling from the phone even over physically meeting people. Smartphones also act as an active catalyst for people to stay in touch, message, video call and what not.

If you have access to your husband’s phone, you can have an insight into his life, his communications, places he has been, people he has been texting. Further, a good spy app like Minspy can also give you an understanding of what he is thinking as well. It makes reading your husband’s mind possible.


Minspy’s simplicity is addictive. The app is so tasteful, yet so simple. Even with the most primitive knowledge of gadgets and their functioning, you will be able to work on Minspy. As spying is a tricky affair, there is a clear demarcation of tabs and deliverables.

Stealth Mode

Minspy has a superb stealth mode. It allows you to spy all you want without being worried about the possibility of being caught. You can spy with ease in a worry less manner. The stealth mode is inbuilt into Minspy’s design and this makes your conduct extremely secretive.

No Rooting or Jailbreaking

Minspy does not create unnecessary requirements to operate your account. It works on minimal information. You don’t even need to render more details than just your basics to be able to operate it.

When using a spy app, safety, privacy and security of your conduct and whom you are spying on are important. Minspy ensures that even the employees of the app can’t extract your private information.


Minspy totally wins its users over its amazing features and functions. The functions are many and they are easy to operate and use as well. You do not have to undergo a trial run or training to see how Minspy works.

Even first timers can be totally at ease with its app. Some of the core features that Minspy offers are as follows:

Messages and iMessages

Minspy allows you to view and spy on your husband’s messages and iMessages in an absolutely remote way. It also includes the messages and exchanges that occur on social media.

Social Media

You can garner immediate access into your husband’s social media updates. It includes all leading social media platforms like facebook, Instagram, whatsapp, snapchat, twitter, etc.

Emails and notes

You can gain access to your husband’s emails and notes. The emails and notes can be seen seamlessly and on a real time basis.

GPS location

By virtue of smartphones being GPS detectable, seeing your husband’s location becomes possible with Minspy. You can actually see where your husband is at a given point in time rather than just relying on their words.


This amazing feature lets you see the keystrokes made by your husband. It can be something that your husband typed or deleted or drafted. As long as some activity was done, you will be able to view it first hand.

Minspy app

How to Spy from Minspy?

Spying on your husband through Minspy is so easy and convenient. With little details and effort, an account can be created and used to holistically spy on your husband’s phone. Minspy has the ability to clone a phone and make it detectable in a very secretive manner.

The steps can be divided into few simple lines of action that need to be taken:

The first step is to register the Minspy account. You can use your email ID to create an account with Minspy. This will be your communication ID that will be used by Minspy to officially send you details.

The second step is to select a desired plan. You can browse through all the plans that Minspy has. You can select the plan that suits you best based on your requirement and volume of spying. Once selected, you can pay for it and proceed ahead.

You will then get the set up link on your email ID. You can follow the stated procedures to set up. It takes no longer than just a few minutes. After setting up and installation, you would need to select the target platform.

Minspy installation

If you want to spy on an iPhone, you use iOS. If you want to spy on an Android phone, you use Android. This is a point of conjunction as there are different connecting methodologies for iOS and Android phones.

With iPhones, all you need to do is enter the iCloud credentials of the user by entering their iCloud ID and password. That’s the only requirement needed to connect to the target iPhone. There is no jailbreaking or rooting requirement. As long as you know the iCloud credentials, all is sorted.

When it comes to Android phones, you need to download the app on the target Android phone. It is not at all complicated or risky as the app can be hidden instantaneously on download. The app only weighs 3 MB and applies no space on the phone.

Therefore, downloading and hiding the app becomes a piece of cake. On download and hiding, the app can be easily connected to the target Android phone.


Minspy app can be the answer to all your relationship worries with your husband. Honesty in a marital relationship is the basic foundation. Instead of staying in shadows and making assumptions about his conduct, you can be sure of it.

You might get a thought that “I’m using Minspy to track my husband’s phone, is it fair?”, but there is nothing wrong in busting a falsified relationship. The apprehension can affect your mental health and it is better to be sure than sorry!

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