How to Sync Yahoo Mail with Mac Mail

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Nowadays, whenever the users try to access Yahoo mail to Apple mail it says “” is not responding”. They face this error after re-establishing the account but the error has not been fixed. If you are also facing the same problem then for the user’s convenience apple Mac has a feature to sync Yahoo mail with mac mail.

This article provides all the possible solutions to the users on how to sync Yahoo Mail to Mac Mail.

Yahoo Troubleshooting is not Configuring with Mac Mail Problem

Due to invalid settings, most of the email issues arise or if there is something wrong with the Yahoo Mail account. Therefore, you can use the following techniques to resolve the issue.

1. Checking of Yahoo whether it works independently or not

  • First, Open a web browser either Google Chrome or Firefox into your system.
  • Then Open Yahoo Mail into it and log in.
  • The next step is to Compose a new Email send it to your Own Yahoo mail Account.
  • Whether the email has been received in 5 Minutes or not Check on Apple Mail.
  • There is some problem with your Yahoo mail account address if you haven’t received an email.

2. Delete and Again Re-adding Yahoo Account

Sometimes email application configuration fails or gets corrupt and restricts users from accessing their messages. So the fundamental thing you’d logically attempt to do is reinstall.

Below are the rules for the solution of yahoo mail not working with apple mail:

  • Open the Mac Mail app first.
  • From the top menu click on “Mail” tab.
  • Then choose the “Preferences” option.
  • Click on Yahoo email account on the sidebar to which you want to remove.
  • From the bottom click on the “-” icon.
  • By clicking on “OK” confirm the account deletion.
  • At last, again add same Yahoo account to your Mac Mail.

3. Update Your Operating System

At any time app releases updates to its operating system for not installing the latest updates this can stop your Yahoo Mail not loading in Apple Mail. So, always use the latest version of the Macintosh Operating System.

4. Enable Auto-Forwarding

  • Enabled auto-forwarding can stop the Yahoo Mail account from being downloaded via Mac Mail.
  • To check what auto-forwarding you can set, press the “Settings” tab.
  • Pick the Mail option from the left side of the navigation pane.
  • Click on the “Auto forward” button. You can now see any auto-forward rules you have set.

5. Disable all Security Applications

There are some cases when antivirus, viruses, a firewall can block the features that are important for Yahoo Mail account. So, for this temporarily disable the security programs that are running to check their cause.

  • For operating instructions on how to disable it navigate the program’s help pages.
  • Make sure if you are still having the issue once disabled, i.e., Yahoo Mail not downloading to Mac Mail
  • The disabled security program was the cause of the problem if the issue gets resolved after this.
  • Then, again Re-enable the anti-spyware, anti-virus, or firewall programs.

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6. Check Account Details

Yahoo cannot download your emails if you have entered incorrect account details. So always enter correct account details.

  • Email address-Enter your full email address (
  • Password –Enter the accurate password of your account
  • Authentication Requires – Yes

7. When you enter incorrect Server Address

The issue can be related to the email server when Yahoo Mail is not downloading emails to Mac Apple Mail. Thus, always check the server address whether it is correct or not as:

  • IMAP incoming mail server: (port-993, requires SSL)
  • SMTP outgoing mail server: (port-465 or 587, requires SSL)
  • NEWS server:

8. Check Account Setting of Yahoo Mail

Settings that are shown below can prevent your email from downloading emails to your Inbox:

  • Check Spam folder emails to see whether an email is incorrectly marked.
  • By mistake, you might have blocked the email sender.
  • Check all the filters if the email could have arrived in any other folder.
  • Make sure that your reply-to address is always blank.


Finally, I would like to suggest that you should go with these manual procedures to sync yahoo mail with mac mail. These techniques will help you to find the solution easily. I hope all the information I have shared with you proves helpful to you. You can also read convert EML files to gmail.

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