How to Transfer Contacts from Android to Android and iPhone: Three Possible Scenarios

If you have an Android phone and want to switch to an iPhone, or if you have both an Android phone and an iPhone and want to transfer your contacts from one to the other, you can do so very easily. This article will show you how.

Nowadays, contacts play an important role in personal and business communications. No one can imagine life without keeping in touch with colleagues by email or calling mom every Friday. For this purpose, we rely on our gadgets, where dozens and hundreds of contacts are stored. In this regard, when this data disappears – this is a real drama. Today we will talk about three possible scenarios of transferring your contacts from one phone to another and ways how to do it correctly. Let’s start!

How to Transfer Contacts

1) Mailing Client to Mailing Client

If you decided to create a new email address, it would be nice to transfer all contacts from the old one. This is called exporting email contacts. In most cases, we are talking about exporting vCard files from one account into another when the contacts are stored in the same format. In this case, you simply save the contact file in a convenient format on your PC and then add this file to the relevant tab on the new mailing client. Done!

However, when it comes to a massive transfer of files, you may also need additional software. For example, to import vCard to Outlook we suggest you browse this page to find a reliable solution.

How to Transfer Contacts

How to Transfer Contacts

2) How to Transfer Contacts from Android to Android

Have you just bought a new Android smartphone with an improved operating system, design, and performance? Before using it, you need to transfer your contacts from the old gadget. The easiest way to do it is to perform it manually:

  1. Simply copy the contacts of your old Android phone to SIM-card,
  2. Remove it from the old gadget and insert it into the new phone;
  3. Select SIM card as an import source;
  4. The contacts will be downloaded to the device.

Please note that the memory capacity of the SIM card is small. On average, it stores 100-200 contacts. If you have a more extensive phone book, use the SD-card to perform the same task. The necessary files will be saved in vCard format and then can be relocated either to another gadget or your mailing client.

3) How to Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone

You are not the only one to make such a type of transition. Moreover, since such “migrations” occur very often, Apple has released an Android app that will help you with this task. If you are not interested in transferring all files from Android to iOS, or if something didn’t work with the first method, you can transfer your contacts using a Google account. If you’ve synced with your Google account, your contacts may be transferred as soon as you sign in on your iPhone. Additionally, you can transfer the limited number of files by using your Sim card, as it was described above and it’s the way to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone.

Transfer Contacts

In Conclusion

There are more than only three scenarios of transferring contacts from one device to another. You should remember that manual migration works for a limited number of contacts, while in other cases it is better to use specialized software.

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