How to transform your business model in a regenerative economy?


Transform your business model in a regenerative economy: what you need to know

The circular economy is a new economic model with a systemic vision. The
concepts of green economy, economy of use or economy of functionality, economy
of performance and industrial ecology are part of the circular economy.

This economic model works in a loop, thus dispensing with the notion of
“waste”. Its objective is to produce goods and services while greatly
limiting the consumption and waste of raw materials and non-renewable energy

To have a flourishing future in their enterprises, business leaders are
striving to adopt a new mindset likely to build a regenerative economy. Many changes are called to be done at the level of doing,
thinking, and concerning relationship with employees and customers. If you’re
feeling eager to know concretely which way to transform your business model in
a regenerative economy, you should read this article.

Move from linear business model to a circular economy model

You should strive to proceed with a breaking out of the traditional
Make-Use-Dispose linear extractive model and get to a circular economy model
that advocates reuse and takes out less than it puts back. Not only that
circular economy model regenerates the living environmental, social and
economic system in which it works but also it gets it revitalized, instead of
taking away from the system’s health.

Reinvent constantly the business model

Getting to a regenerative economy involves proceeding with a continual
reinvention of the business model. You should generate transformative new
energy to the company. This constant regenerative flow drives to greater value
creation as well as enrichment of life.

As a matter of fact, being generative implies having a metanoia, which means
getting a mind of consciousness and a devotion to constantly redesign and
innovate manners of doing business. In fact, it’s a way of creating an
environment which gives more viability to the enterprise and the world. If
you’re curious to know what the new indicators and criteria are as far as the
creation of value is concerned, you should lean on the professionals of
Circulab. Find regenerative economy trainingon Circulab.

Find balance between inside and outside aspect

Accessing regenerative economy involves a mutually dynamic, enhancing
relationship between Inside growth and Outside Impact. In case you didn’t
notice, all powerful plans and strategies have both an inside and outside
complementary aspect that help the entire system work together for achieving
success. This is the basic truth that is hidden behind regeneration. Each
person and organization appear to be a living, entire system and is likewise
part of a larger living whole system. When all levels find a way to flourish,
success is noticeably brilliant.

Think patiently

In business, a huge transformation cannot occur in an instant. To transform
your business model in a regenerative economy, you should continuously operate
on a strategy of change towards your goal. That strategy continuum includes
every business at all various stages of development. It is important to know
that stages of change comprise a range from business shareholder and
stakeholder value, active shift to a circular economy, and an early stage
sustainability. Going through such a huge innovational journey needs greatly
gifted leadership, impeccable communications as well as a framework for the

Design, think and operate systemically

You should take an approach finely systemic to operational design. You don’t
have to look at the company’s impact on environmental and social systems. The
right thing to do is rather to work towards taking the view of looking
specifically for the systems that support your business. To make your business
regenerative, you need to have a reliable, certifiable supply of board. It is
literally in your enterprise’s interests to support the systems on which it
relies. Likewise, you must make sure there is a more significant supply of
sustainable board in the future.

Think collaborative instead of

To transform your business model in regenerative economy, you need to stop
having a competitive mindset and rather advocate a collaborative one. Being
collaborative goes together with seeking the wisdom of a lot of individual
perspectives. You have the duty to consider the perspective sustained by the
CEO, which has the responsibility to keep people in jobs with a vision of
disruptive innovator. Let’s join the community.

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