How to Travel with Your Pet

Having pets is a huge responsibility. Most pet parents consider their furry friends to be children that need constant love, attention, and care. When considering that pets are like family, you would obviously want them to make core memories with you while on trips and holidays. However, unlike children, pets have different needs that would require special consideration. 


If you are traveling or moving from one country to another, you would need to look at your own documentation before you start considering your family members and pets. Immigration solicitors UK can help with all the necessary paperwork and formalities so you can concentrate on other essential things like funds, insurance, and travel documents for your pets. can also help with the necessary details about all the immigration processes, allowable, and travel necessities before you book your tickets. This information also includes all the pet boarding facilities, pet passports, vaccines, and more.

You must get your pet geared up for the trip when you’re traveling from one place to another. Let us look at how to travel responsibly with your pet so you all can have a stress-free, fabulous time together.

Prep a Pet Travelling Kit

When you consider your pets as babies, you would have a basic understanding of the amount of stuff children need. Your fur babies are no different. It’s best to start by making a list of all the things your pet may require while traveling. You must also consider things like tummy aches, colds, and uncontrollable loose motions.

Prepping the travel kit should include (and not stay limited to) pet food (dry and wet), water, paper bags, plastic bags (for poop scooping), paper towels, favorite food bowl, favorite water bowl, collar belts, harnesses, reflective gear, grooming supplies, ear cleaning supplies, pet towel, bedding, favorite blanket, extra toys, squeaky lick mats, and treats to distract your fur baby during anxious times.

Having a separate bag for your pets is also helpful, so you don’t have to search for everything last minute. If you are thinking of air travel, there are also specific sizes and types of carriers that you would need to ensure your pet stays safe during transit.

Vaccination Records and ID Tags

When crossing borders, you must show that your fur babies are wholly vaccinated for travel. Before you make the ticket bookings, it is best to get your pet vaccinated against all possible diseases that may come into question during your travels. Consulting the vet and ensuring all the vaccines and medicines are in order will help make the trip better for you and protect your pet.

It is also best to ensure your pet is microchipped and has a residential and emergency contact details ID tag at all times. Many times during travel, pets may get spooked and run in fright. At such times, having an ID tag with a tracker is invaluable in getting them back to you safe and sound.

Take Plenty of Stops

If you’re traveling by road with your pet, there is a chance there might be plenty of anxiety involved that may lead them to lose bladder control. It is ideal to ensure you take plenty of stops to allow them to relieve themselves.

Apart from the loo breaks, pets need to get onto soft ground and sniff around to lessen their anxiety and cheer their spirits. Doing this helps reduce their stress, allows them to stretch their feet, and feel grounded before going on the road again. While traveling, it’s also necessary to ease their collar to allow for easy breathing. However, if your pet has a habit of hanging out of an open window, a harness with a safety clip that doesn’t restrict airways would be better for their safety.

Keep Pets In The Backseat

While it may be tempting to travel with your fur baby in your lap, it is best to ensure they are safe in the backseat. Like human children, traveling with fur babies in the front seat is unsafe and can injure them. Any sudden movements can also cause disruptions while driving, causing accidents.

In case of an unfortunate impact, your pets could also get injured by deployed airbags. Safely securing them to the backseat helps control them in case of a careening car and even on mountainous, winding roads.

Planning ahead will help make the trip better for you and your pet. It’s also wise to consider pet-friendly locations to travel to so they get all the comfort they need, and you can have an enjoyable trip as a family.

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