How To Use Adobe Spark To Design Logos

Adobe Spark To Design Logos: Designers and creative professionals have had a favorite tool for years: Adobe Spark. This online, interactive platform is perfect for design teams of all types. Get more done and stay organized with these step-by-step instructions on how to use the software to create logos or other designs.

1. Choose a Template

Before you create a logo, you need to start with a purpose. What kind of logo will best fit your business? Give your design a name—call it something with meaning. This will help you understand your logo better.

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For example, a lawn care company might use a logo with a leaf. Spark provides templates to help you see different ideas from start to finish. You can browse templates by category or find something based on your design preferences. Pick the template that works best for your logo design.

2. Choose Colors

Once you know how to use the logo maker, choose colors for your design. Choose an idea of what your logo is going to look like. For example, “The Mindful Singer” purple is a great idea for a singer, or “The Creative Nurse” turquoise fits well with nurses. Colors make a logo. Try using different shades of the same color for a subtle, organized logo. Or you can get creative and completely change the look of your brand.

3. Choose Text

Go to the Text tab and select your font. You can also give your text a title or a tagline if you need extra help. Once you have selected your font and entered text, you should have a basic logo design. You can make changes and add to it as you see fit. Spark gives you tips on which fonts go best together and how to use the same font for different text on your logo.

4. Add Text

Now that you’re ready to create your logo, select the text tool. Type your name, company name, phone number, or any other important information you want to put on your logo. You can also write down any keywords or phrases that make sense for you. This is where it comes down to creating a great logo for your business. Type whatever is appropriate for your business. When you finish, you can go back and select the text tool again to add more information to your design.

5. Add Images

Add images through the Media tab. Search for pictures that relate to your company or business name. You can also use pictures from other designers. Think about the kind of image you want to include in your logo and search for it in Spark’s image database. Add one, two, or even more images to your design.

6. Save Your Design

If you finish creating a logo design, choose the save icon on the toolbar. It will save the design as a Spark Template. This means that it is ready to use whenever you need it! You can then create new designs or open the saved templates to refresh your mind for working with Fonts or Colors. Remember that you can also share this design with other users.

7. Share Your Design

The last step on how to use Adobe Spark as a logo maker is to share your design with the world. Upload your image to a social media account, or send a download link to a client. Spark is a great way to express yourself, and you can even start a blog from the app. Whatever your reason for sharing your logo design, your clients will love you for it.


You’ve now learned how to use Adobe Spark to create professional-looking logos for your business. From choosing colors to choosing fonts, and everything in between, you can give your logo the touch it needs to make it shine. Your business will be able to offer a high-quality product or service with a brand that matches.

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