How Businesses Can Use Facebook’s New Messaging Features to Reach Customers

Earlier this year, Facebook introduced new features for Pages to make it easier for businesses to be where their customers are and communicate with them anytime, anywhere. Most businesses are using their Facebook pages to interact with customers.

These new features improve page owners’ communication management. Page admins now have more control over their responsiveness and it’s now easier for them to manage both public and private interactions they receive.

Here are some of the benefits of the new Facebook messaging features:

  • More communication controls for Page owners
  • Redesigned inbox to better serve customers
  • Easier way to respond to and keep track of comments.

With more power to page admins, you also have to learn how to make the most of messaging as a business communication channel. Here are some tips to use messaging for Pages effectively.

1. Be straight to the point

There’s no character limit when it comes to Facebook messages. However, it’s still recommended to keep your messages short but straight to the point. Be clear and always be helpful. Sign your messages with your name, not just the business name in order to personalize the communication.

2. Be conversational

When replying to messages, try to write as if you’re speaking to someone in person or through a phone call. Always use a friendly and respectful tone.

3. Use saved replies for FAQs

The new saved replies feature can help Page Admins respond quickly to a number of messages. For frequently asked questions, you can easily use saved replies to cut down response time. These questions include your business hours and details of your return policy.

4. Enable it when you’re ready

This feature can be turned on and off for your page. Once you enable messaging, you are expected to give a response. If you respond to 90% of messages within five minutes, you’ll earn a “Very responsive to messages” badge. This tells Page visitors that you can be reached effectively through messaging. You can turn it off after business hours if you can’t respond to the messages.

5. Respond privately to sensitive questions

You can now respond to personal requests and handle customer-specific information more effectively using private replies. For example, if the customer has billing questions, sensitive customer complaints, order statuses and other topics that include personal information. You can continue to reply publicly to general business questions and requests.

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