How to Use Hair Clippers on Yourself


Maintaining your
hair can be quite expensive. However, with your hair clipper, you can be able
to cut your hair your style without spending much. Many people lack the
knowledge on how to use hair clippers on themselves. This article will tackle
that problem, and you will be able to learn stepwise s you can do the service
yourself. Also, getting the best hair clipper is very important in getting a
perfect haircut. If you choose the best brand Wahl Clipper and the cordless
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Steps on how to use hair clippers on yourself

1  . Gain
knowledge of blade guard numbering systems

The clipper
numbers determine the length of your hair. The larger the number, the longer
the cut while the less the figure, the short the hair cut. For example, if you
want your head to be bare, use the 0 number. Between each blade guard, there is
an increase of 1/8 of an inch.

2  . Wash
your head thoroughly

Clean hair makes
cutting easier. For that reason, you should clean your hair to remove any extra
waves. When washing your hair, apply hair detangler. This should be a must if
your hair tangles.

3  . Cover
your shoulders

Get a slick
cloth to cover your shoulders to avoid falling hair from messing your clothes
up. You should tie it tight alongside your neck. Get a convenient place since
the hair will mess the ground.

4  . Use
the longest cutting edge to cut long growth

In case you want
a size four on top and size two on sides, you should then use size 4 to cut the
whole head, and then you can move to the sides.

5  . Cut
against hair growth

Hair grows back
and down the sides. You should, therefore, cut up on sides and back. At the
front head, cut from frontage to back.

6  . Scrape
hair using the blade

You should start
moving the blade close to your skin then scrape outwards as you move up. Use
short scraping strokes for a softer cut.

7  . Use
a guard to blend two lengths

When you use two
blades, there arises a line dividing the longer and shorter cuts. To fade out
the line, cut using a blade guard that is in between the used blades to smooth
out the line.

8  . Clean
up the edges

You should use a
lower number to cut around your sideburns and ears. Use trimmers to trim at the
back of your neck together with your sideburns. Use can also use scissors to
trim around your ears. To pick loose hair around your neck and clothes, make
use of a lint roller.

How to Maintain the Clippers

If you want your
clippers to work well, you need to maintain them the right way. Here are some
tips that will help you.

·       Always
wash the clippers using water plus soap. Brush the hair off, rinse and leave
then on a towel to dry.

·       Brush
the blades to remove hairs

·       Lubricate
the blades with a drop of oil.

Final Words

Getting a
perfect hair cut is very simple if you follow the above steps. Also, you should
get good quality hair clipper. Get one with a powerful motor, and that contains
several necessary accessories as this will allow you to make a great haircut. With
a hair clipper in your home, you will always stay neat and try as much hair
cutting styles as possible.

In case you are
looking for the best, I would recommend that you go for Wahl 5 Star Magic Clip
Cordless Clipper.

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