How to Boost Your Content Marketing Efforts By Using Tweet Walls in Events

Twitter wall

If you are considering of hosting an event or conference, the element of success comes from the point of engagement and connectivity of attendees. One way through which it can be achieved is through displaying a live twitter wall at your event location or website and it will have a dramatic effect by increasing the engagement quotient and give your event the buzz it deserves.

A twitter feed wall is a perfect way to bridge the gap between real life and online audience at events and conferences. If you’re hosting an event or conference, you may want to display live tweets with a specific hashtag for all attendees to see. Through the use of a defined hashtag for the Twitter wall, your audience is driven to connect and promote your event or brand campaign even more with the instant gratification of seeing their Tweet on screen. Tweet Walls are created while keeping event branding in mind. There will be no better promotion than with a tweet wall reflecting your brand matching with your company and event logo.

Why is Twitter good for your Event?

The biggest differentiator with Twitter is that social messages are limited to 140 characters and content over the Twitter Live Feed is moving very quickly. It is not unusual to Tweet 20+ times a day to meet people visiting the channel throughout the day. The Twitter wall is a great idea as it promotes an additional layer of interaction during your event. With the predefined hashtag for your event, you can see a robust conversation happening around it. Attendees just have to use the hashtag to join in the conversation. When you provide a medium of social interaction live at your event, you are opening a way for your attendees to interact and share thoughts and opinions. This will add into increasing conversations, forming relationships and offers good marketing. Apart from increasing the engagement, the scope extends the visibility and reach of the event on all streams.

More Conversations and More Exposure

Using a social media aggregator tool and displaying tweets from your attendees and delegates, you have an efficient construct of conversation and way to inspire new topics in the event, bringing up the fresh ideas that may have got lost with such intuitive external support. Tweeters can challenge each other to logical debates, share new resources and expand on the points made by your speakers — all publicly and as part of the fabric of your event. The conversation can continue well after the event itself and can be reviewed for feedback and ideas for future meetings. There are various things doable on twitter such as live polls, link to external content, analytics etc. which can spruce up the event when displayed via twitter wall to show live twitter feed. You could also have the Live Twitter Feed displayed on your website to let people who could not attend keep up with the latest.

Tweet wall also acts as reminders for the audience to constantly use social media and participate in the conversation. Since the discussions that occur on a Twitter wall are visible to all event attendees, they might pique conversations during designated networking times. They might also entice the more reluctant attendees to actually participate, thus growing the overall buzz at your event. This means more exposure for your brand and your event.

Consider Tweet Wall for your next event

What you should remember is that getting people inside the event location is an only job half done. The real task is to get your message effectively and timely delivered. You have to use social media to achieve this goal. In keeping attendees engaged with the presented content, a designated tweet wall can definitely help strengthen the online presence. A single appropriate tweet showcased on the public platform could spark interests among people heading towards a positive contribution for your event.

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