How to wash clothes in a washing machine?

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Knowing how to wash clothes in a washing machine is a thing
known to all. But knowing how to do it properly without making your light
clothes painted by the colour of the dark clothes, using proper amount of
detergent and choosing the best wash cycle according to your clothes fabric is
a little bit difficult task. But you can get it very easily, it only needs a
little bit of practice. Therefore, we have come up with the ways by which you can wash clothes in your favourite best washing machine in India without damaging your clothes. Let’s have a look.

Separating clothes for laundry

Since, your different clothes would be made of different
fabric and different colours, so you need to separate them for better cleaning

Usually, the mistake we do is that we forget to separate our
light clothes from dark clothes while putting it in washing machine which
results in our light clothes get coloured with the colour that comes out from
our dark clothes. Most of the dark coloured clothes lose their colour
especially if we talk about the newly purchased ones. Therefore, if you do not
want your white shirt to become grey if you are cleaning it with black shirt,
then separate it out and clean them separately.

Separating clothes by its fabric

We must always try to figure out the fabric of the clothes
while washing. Some of the clothes like denim jeans require strong wash where
as some of the cotton clothes require gentle wash. So, separate them out based
on their fabric otherwise if you wash light clothes on a strong wash mode, it
may get damaged.

The soft clothes such as women’s lingerie, bras and sheets
must be washed separately as they need delicate wash. But, if you have an extra
load then you can put all of these clothes in a regular wash.

Read the labels on the clothes before putting then in washing machine

Some of the clothes have the washing instruction on the
label like only dry wash or wash with cold water only. Whereas some of the
woollen clothes needs to be strong washed and even with a special liquid soap.

Therefore, must read the washing instruction on the clothes
label and then put then in the washing machine. Try to put the clothes with
zippers on and taking them inside out and then placing them in the washing
machine. This can save your clothes from getting damaged by washing machine.

Choosing the Proper and right setting for washing

Almost every washing machine comes with a setting for water
temperature. Since different clothes are made of different fabric and they can
require different water temperature for wash so, choose the setting very
carefully. You can use hot water for the clothes which are very dirty and
smelly. But use hot water for light clothes only.

You must use cold water for dark coloured clothes especially
the new ones which loses colour because if you use warm water then the clothes
will lose more amount of dye.  Most
importantly, always use cold water for cotton clothes as cotton clothes shrinks
in warm water.

Wrapping it up

Always see the load size. If your clothes fill the one third
of the tub then set it as small, if its half then put the machine load size to
medium and if it becomes two thirds the select the large one. Never stuff the
tub full with clothes as water also needs some space for cleaning up your

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