How to Watch Your Favourite Shows on Netflix While Travelling Overseas?

If you are an avid traveler, you must know how important it is to avoid boredom. In today’s world, digital content is our escape from mundane life. People who travel need these shows the most, especially in between journeys.

Netflix broadcasts the best shows and movies without a doubt. It is the first streaming service that prioritizes the quality of the content along with popularity. It’s why you’ll find several series and movies that didn’t do well at the box office but served good storylines and content.

How to Watch Your Favourite Shows on Netflix

Netflix keeps updating its website with more series and films, much to the delight of its fans. However, the infrastructure of Netflix is not perfect, and fans face some problems. One of the rampant issues is the inability to access their country’s content when they travel abroad.

Besides, in some countries, Netflix does not do justice to its fans. The library has nothing but previously watched shows and fans keep wanting for more. For example, if you travel from the US to Spain, you will find a much-less exciting Netflix library.

You also can’t have access to the Netflix library of your homeland while abroad. This is because it often goes against the licensing agreements of the shows if Netflix broadcasts its content in a country that doesn’t allow it. However, there are ways to get around this problem. You can use a VPN to change Netflix Region and access those shows.

The Solution: VPN

Let’s get to the steps before we explain how VPN works.

  1. Set up your Netflix account.
  2. Download, install and log in to a VPN from your device.
  3. Try connecting the VPN to a server in your homeland.
  4. Go to the Netflix website. At this point, Netflix should automatically redirect you to the page of your country.
  5. The last part is where you log in to your Netflix account and enjoy!

When you have a VPN, these five steps are all it takes to access all exciting content. Moreover, if you get bored of the series and movies from your country, you can always connect to a server from a different country. But there is one question that has everyone curious.

How Does It Even Work?

It might seem like a miracle that a simple VPN can unlock the online world hidden from you. Just type “benefits of using a VPN” into your browser, and the results will impress you.

Not only does it reveal all the content hidden from you, but it also ensures the protection of your privacy. You can finally surf the internet and say goodbye to viruses, hackers, and geo-restriction rules.

Here’s How A VPN Makes Your Life Easy as A Netizen

A VPN service encrypts all your data and internet activity. This step itself prevents people and companies like Netflix from spying on you. The encrypted data goes directly to the VPN server, which then decrypts.

Thus, an exchange of your data only happens between you and your VPN server, blocking anyone else from snooping on you. It also includes your ISP (Internet Service Provider), who cannot see what you access from the internet.
With Netflix unable to know your location, you can connect to a VPN server from any country and watch whatever you want. However, there are some ways in which VPN technology can do more harm than good.


Netflix cannot prevent you from streaming any content when you have a VPN. However, Netflix and other services have found solutions to recognize VPN users. Some countries have even banned the use of VPN, but they are few in number. However, if Netflix finds out you’re using a VPN, it may block your account (despite your subscription fees).

The solution is using a high-quality, trusted VPN service. You will find several free VPN service providers on the internet. They can be a good option if you are trying VPN technology for the first time and want to see its worth.

However, it is better to opt for paid VPN services as they are better. When you find a good VPN service, you will no longer have to worry about privacy issues and will get the added benefit of streaming more content.

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