How To Win Business With A Great Presentation

Great Presentations are generally rather stressful but ones that determine whether or not a business agreement will go forward are very challenging. It takes a combination of skills to win business with great and formidable presentations, so here are a few expert tricks to get you started.

Great Presentation

Planning Is The First Step

Adequate planning, preparation, and brainstorming are central to creating a presentation that is intriguing from a sales or investment perspective. People regardless of whether they are customers or investors are more likely to put their money forward for a concept that mesmerizes them or impresses them. Contrary to popular opinion, spontaneity is not altogether impressive in marketing and business presentations because you need to put forward the assertion that planning, work, and research have gone into the presentation and that you are an expert in that field.

If you have taken the time to plan and figure out your main talking points, it becomes easier to decide on the format for each slide or even on the custom slide decks you may be thinking of purchasing. An expert tip is to start with a great introduction that showcases your personal expertise and qualities and then to put forward just three main points. Getting the skeleton down is important when planning as you can always add additional research and information in your second draft.

Work On Your Conversational Skills

Your presentation needs to be a reflection of you. Expert marketers often use the principle of employing a conversational style in their presentations because it makes the listener feel more involved and invested. If your potential investor or customer is convinced, that you have a personal passion for the product or service, they are more likely to be won over by your presentation. The key is also to use shorter and simpler words and sentences and only employ technical jargon for effect if need be. Observe your verbal habits and incorporate them into your presentation.

Multimedia To Tell A Story

Multimedia helps show your ideas in practice. Whether you are showcasing images, illustrations, video clips, animations, graphics, or PowerPoint diagrams, multimedia helps the investor visualize your ideas as opposed to just reading bullet points. In that way, multimedia if used well can be incredibly powerful. Using a diagram like a network analysis or critical path diagram or timeline diagram helps your potential investors visualize every step of the project and how their money will be used. If you have a client or customer to convert, using multimedia to display the brand’s story of origination and growth can create trust and greater brand awareness.

Good Grammar And Punctuation

You may think a few wrong spellings or poorly edited sentences will go unnoticed but they reflect how seriously you take the presentation. Always do a spell-check and a grammar check either with free software or by having a professional writer go through your work. When you rehearse your presentation make sure you get the pronunciation of every word right and it is a good idea to double-check for more complicated terms and names.


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