How to Write a Good College Application Essay

You have found your dream college and specialization. Now what remains to be done is to apply to it. But many colleges and universities have a tough selection process and not all students are accepted. You might be asked to submit a college application essay by any college you will apply to.

So, you need to catch the attention of those who will read your college application essay. They read thousands, so you need to stand out from the crowd. But how can you do this?

Well, a college essay writing service has some suggestions and pieces of advice you could put to practice. Writing a stellar college application essay might feel like a daunting task, but if you approach the process step by step, you will surely manage to deliver a really nice one.

Read the Requirements

As many highlight, it is essential to read the requirements carefully. Many colleges have a list of guidelines to follow. Maybe they want to find out about your voluntary background. Maybe they want you to talk about some specific topics. Maybe they have formatting requirements you need to follow. Either way, being aware of all these is important.

How to Write a Good College Application Essay

And you should read the requirements before you actually start working on your essay. This way, you will know what to include, what to offer more details on, and so on. If they have some questions you need to answer, noting them down or highlighting them will help you not lose them from sight.

The prompt might ask you to reflect on a topic, discuss it, or share a personal story. And if you apply to more colleges, chances are that you will need to write a different college application essay for each of them.

Do Not Forget About the Length and Title

One of the most common mistakes students make is that they forget about the length and title of their college application essay. Keep in mind that these are very important and are among the requirements asked by colleges. There are a few things you must follow and this will prove your attention and determination.

Being able to follow the guidelines and respect them will say a lot about you. You might feel that 650 words for a college application essay are not enough. But this is the first test you need to take. You need to learn how to express your ideas coherently and succinctly. And colleges will take a look into this aspect too.

Focus on What You Have Learned

Usually, college application essays are similar to personal statement essays. You need to disclose more about your experience, your goals, your life plans. What are your goals? Do you have a career set in mind? Is there any experience that shaped you and your personality?

When you need to recall some past events, make sure to not only tell their story. It is important to focus on what you have learned too. This might be more important than the event per se.

Because you can learn a lesson from anyone or anything that happens, but this is up to you. And it surely depends on your life perspective. So, do not just recall the event, but reflect on them. Of course, as long as the space allows you to.

Funny or not?

When you think about ways to stand out from the crowd or impress the admission officer, you might think about including jokes in your college essay. This might be a good idea and if there is a good joke, your essay will surely be remembered. However, it is important to be aware of the fact that not all people laugh at the same jokes. On top of this, what you might find amusing and funny as a student might not be perceived the same by the college admission officer.

So, this is a tricky thing to do and the decision is up to you. Keep in mind that jokes sound differently when you read them than when you have someone tell them face to face. Some might send the idea that you are arrogant or a wrong message. So, if you are not sure of the jokes you want to make, it would be recommended to avoid including them in your college application essay.

You can work on making the essay playful and creative and show your fun personality differently. If you buy college essays online, you can get an idea of what a final draft should look like. And you can inspire by them.

Start Ahead of Time

When you think about the length of your college application essay, you might feel that everything is under control. And for sure it is. But to keep it this way, it would be wise to start working on it early. It is always good to let your drafts set aside for one or two days and then return with a fresher perspective. Some ideas might strike you in the meantime.

You might spot some mistakes or you might just want to rephrase an entire paragraph. Writing a stellar college application essay is not as easy as it seems. However, if you start working on it early, you give yourself the time you need to come back to it and edit if needed.

Being stressed by the pressure of the deadline and lack of time might make you forget important details. And missing to mention something essential in your college application essay is something you need to avoid.

Final Thoughts

Writing a college application essay seems like a daunting task, especially when you do not know where to start. Well, there are a few steps you could go through to ensure the success of the process. Make sure you read the guidelines and requirements carefully and that you follow them. Inform on the length of the essay and do not forget to give it a title, if requested.

Then, choose to reflect on your past experiences and events rather than just storytelling them. Focus on what you have learned, show your playful and creative personality through your unique writing style, and start ahead of time.

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