How to Write Resignation Email to Co-Workers


Writing a letter/email to your office colleagues or co-workers at the time when you are close to your farewell at the same workplace puts a nice gesture as well as required to maintain a transparent environment within all.

Although there may be more sample are available in various locations on the web, here is for you a good option available for sharing your words with your team/colleagues when you are ready to resign or already resigned by writing a letter to your Boss.

A resignation letter to your co-workers needs to be with really sincere efforts and it should look very genuine too. We have provided a sample letter having covered almost all relevant points that will help you in writing a nice letter/mail to your colleagues. We hope that you make your colleagues to understand your words better and appreciate your efforts. Follow the below format and an appropriate letter based on the sample provided. Good luck.

Format Apology Letter to Court:

This is very important to know the right format while writing a resignation letter. Because it is going to be very important information and therefore we shall need to remember to follow the genuineness while writing it down. Here are a few tips or guidance that will help you in writing a resignation letter or mail to your co-workers.

  1. Do not exaggerate rather keep it short and crisp.
  2. be truthful and so do not get much personal or at least doesn’t make it look like it.
  3. Let your letter look so genuine that your resignation must look sincere and get accepted.
  4. Let the co-workers know that you have seen a very pleasant and learning time with them.
  5. be positive and humble.
  6. Don’t forget to show that you are thankful for everybody’s understanding and consideration.
  7. We recommend you to use calendar and prepare your things in time. It is always good to not postpone any small task you planned for yourself. 

Keeping these points in mind you can write a nice mail / letter about your resignation to your co-workers.

A Sample/ Template is given to write a Mail / letter Format-

Subject- Resignation letter [While writing a mail]

Dear Team / Teammate,

As noted in the subject line, this is to make you all informed that I am resigning from my current job in……… (Name of organisation) due to some reasons (can be added). Here, I would like to mention that I have always been very grateful to have you all alongside with me during this journey. It has been a very learning period for me and I am sure that it will help me further in my professional life ahead.

Team, I do remember that we have gone through various ups and downs during our work but the unity that we have always maintained is enough to express our bonding as well as the team spirit. And with deep gratitude, I would always be very thankful to all of you for helping me during my difficult times. It has always been a great pleasure to earn knowledge from your learning and experiences and it is really appreciative that how humbly all of you shared the same whenever I asked for.  

Lastly, kindly accept my deepest apologies for any mistake I committed during my work.

Thanking you,

Yours Sincerely

[Write your Name]

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