Ideal Eyeglasses For Different Occasions And Personalities

Eyeglasses are more than mere tools of vision correction as they now form a part of a major fashion accessory. You are spoiled for choice especially when you are looking to buy eyewear online but then you also need to consider many factors and not just go for style. Your personality plays a major role when it comes to eyeglass buying. Also, different occasions dictate what style of eyeglass you should be wearing depending on certain occasions. So, it has to sync with your personality and even the occasion.

Individual personality differs from person to person. A few are boasting a sophisticated personality and the others may be fun-loving in nature while some may carry beach/sporty look. So, to flaunt your personality you should be choosing the right set of eyeglass pairs. You can also have dedicated eyeglasses wears for different places that you visit and things you do like gymming, parties, casual hangouts, etc. Right from sophisticated personality to fun-loving nature, beach look to sporty look, you can strongly flaunt your personality and dress to kill the occasion, simply with a pair of glasses.

It is just like the way you have a dedicated pair of shoes and clothing for certain places, the same goes for the eyeglasses.

Take a look at the style guide we created to help you buy eyeglasses online since you are way too busy to visit the optician’s store near you or maybe they do not have what you are looking for.

Carrying A Gentle And Calm Personality

Men look to carry the gentlemen’s personality while women would want to look like an ingenious one. And if you think you fit these trains, pick round eyeglasses which are retro yet metro. These frames can subtly reflect your personality in a flash.

People working in a creative field like ad agencies, or those who are artists, writers and designers should go for round frames. This type of eyeglass reflects the ingenuity you carry.

Fashion-Oriented People

All those fashionistas out there can choose from wide range eyeglasses. Preferably you should go for oversized, geometric shape glasses to even embellish frames. Women can choose cat-eye style glasses and be the trendsetter if they are oversized since it grabs instant attention.

Carrying A Professional Look

Business-class people have always gone with the rimless glasses time and again. These types of eyeglasses are quite elegant since they go well with the formals and conveys a style statement that is bold and professional. Both men and women can go with the rimless eyeglasses to carry looks that means serious business. There is no scope to experiment much here unless you are a tad finicky about the frame material and color.

Occasional, Casual Outings

Go for the high-quality plastic or acetate-based frame to boast a sporty look when you are out with friends or go for casual dinners and lunches. The idea is to carry a style that blends with your clothes. The best bet here is to choose aviator eyeglasses with thin temples. Alternatively, if you are more into t-shirts and chinos then horn-rimmed frames are ideal when you go shopping or make a coffee shop visit.

Weekend Special Glasses

Those who are slogging on the weekdays will look forward to chilling over the weekends. We know you wait for the weekends and want to spend your time playing some sports or visiting your friend. Weekend spirit is well reflected in the sporty eyeglasses crafted out of light metal or high-quality acetate frames. Why not pick up a pair dedicated to Sunday outings where you can glam yourself up in pyjamas and t-shirts. Square and rectangular shaped eyeglasses worth trying for such activities. This will reflect your laid back and relaxed personality.

Party Looks For The Evenings

Rimless frames are best if you look to sport a polish and a classy look. These eyeglass frames are minimal and subtle for those planning to get dressed for the party. Women wanting to pull off a stellar chic personality should pick up the horn-rimmed glasses that is bound to boost your personality when in a party. Guys can opt oversized embellished frames to grace such evening occasions. The key is to create a contrast with eyeglasses and the dress you wear. For this, you can choose sharp-edged frames bearing sturdy temples.

Modern-Day Personality

We all know you want to look modern, young and stylish. Follow the subtle, classy trend that reflects your hip side through the right set of eyeglasses. Guys and girls can certainly hit the right spot amongst the group of people without any intricacy. The most demanding modern-day style of eyeglass is bold yet subtle, rectangular but without the edges, and matte finished frame. Such shapes and styles fit best on most faces and can certainly complement a large range of wardrobe styles.

Conclusion: One Size Does NOT Fit All

Complement your multi-dimensional lifestyle with the right pair of eyeglasses and it is best to have more than a couple of pairs. Also, be aware of the type of clothes you wear and colors to get the right balance of style and substance. All the styles, personalities and occasions mentioned above may just give you an idea. The real matter of the story is in taking your right calls. Reflect your multi-dimensional lifestyle with a range of eyeglasses for different occasions, locations and time.

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