6 Ideas to Boost Website Engagement & Conversion

Website engagement

The engaging audience on your website important because it makes users a good experience of viewing our website. The better to optimize your website for engagement and conversion the more traffic you will get and the more traffic you will get the more sale you will have or more money you will make.

So today I come up with some useful proven ideas that will help you engage with your audience on your website with some of the methods that I had been using on my website too.

Because when we start a blog we always need more traffic to come to our website so boost engagement on a website is the best way to improve website traffic.

6 Ways to Increase Website Engagement & Conversion

Every website is built up with the purpose and the thing is you should ideas or strategies to reach your purpose goal when visitors visiting your website.

So the point is we need to do things that will engage our audience to keep coming to our website in the future after they been visited or read our content.

So let get started…

1. Create Useful Content

People are looking for good content that will help them solve their problem when they had something problem and they are looking for a good answer to solve their problem.

Provide useful content is the main thing that you can engage more people on your blog, you need to create very in-depth content which shows them from A-Z guide of doing things.

For example when you teach them about the “how to write an article” you will exactly them…

  • What do you want to write about?
  • What is the main point of an article that will help the reader?
  • and more right?

So I want you to write an informative and useful article that will engage your audience and makes them love your writing.

2. Use Awesome Multi-media

Everyone is like beautiful things so when you start writing your content I want you to use an awesome image and or video insert them within your content.

By adding image or video on your content is not just for better looking of your content but it also help you engage with people too and it is the best way that we can start with our blog to engage with people.

3. Built Internal Linking

Internal linking is the best structure of your website that will give your reader easy to find the most relevant top on your website by doing internal linking.

These the great ways that you can show the related resource on your website to keep visitors stay a very long time on your website.

When your audience stays a very long time on your website it is really good for SEO because it will help your website bounce rate that the search engine uses it as a ranking factor.

4. Collect Email

Email Marketing is really good for any type of business that can drive tons of traffic to a website throw sending an email to notify things new updates on your website to the subscribers and it also increases more sales while using email marketing too.

So I highly recommend you collect email by adding an opt-in form and email marketing to store your collected email.

The free email marketing service that will help you collect more emails on your website is Mailchimp this a go-to email marketing service that you can use.

5. Use Push Notification

You know what? some people come to our website and they wouldn’t come back again, but the push notification service can let those people coming back to your website once again by pushing the notify on their browser after they had subscribed.

6. Display User Reviews

Displaying testimonials or user reviews is a powerful technique you can use on your website or landing pages. This is considered as a website engagement technique because it builds trust among visitors and keeps them online to explore more.

Showing reviews or testimonials influences users to move forward in your funnel and you can get a lead or sale with the help of this.


This is the ways that you can boost your website engagement and conversion, with all of these methods that I had mentioned above, all the methods are the strategies that I had used on my site too.

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