4 Surprising Ways in Which Instagram Has Impacted Our World


Ever since its launch, Instagram has set a scorching pace of growth and touched the milestone of 1 billion monthly active users in 2018. With its revolutionary approach to social media that favored photographs over conventional text, Instagram has become a habit with millions of users who seem to be living solely for the purpose of posting content on it. It has also opened many different ways in which businesses engage with customers and also opened up alternative careers for millions of people. At the core of the social media, it has disrupted our behavior in ways more than one. A quick peek at how Instagram has changed our world:

Expanded Our Standards of Beauty

While Instagram has been frequently criticized for distorting the way young people look at beauty by promoting a picture-perfect lifestyle made possible by editing and filtering the images in such a way that it is totally unachievable in real life. However, on the flip side, there are countless users who have taken to the platform to post pictures of themselves with stretch marks, pimples, and scars that are a part of normal lives. It has helped an entire generation of social media users to break free from the taboos of traditional media and show themselves in more natural light. This has also helped brands to acknowledge customers who are not perfect and devise products for them.

Transformed the Way We Travel 

Instagram has completely changed the way people go on vacations; the app allows users to see some of the most beautiful travel spots as well as research travel and hotel options very easily. An overwhelming number of Instagram users use content posted by other users as well as businesses to help them find travel inspiration. The tourism industry also is seeking to attract visitors to sports that are specifically designed for Instagram users to show off their posts. The growing influence of Instagram-inspired travel has also opened up opportunities for the travel sector.

Catalyzed New Trends in Food

Realizing the obsession of Instagram users to take photographs of food and the places they are eating in many cafes and restaurants have focused on creating dishes and interior décor that photograph brilliantly. An accent on lively interiors, as well as, exotic menus ensures that Instagram users give them loads of free publicity. To increase the number of likes and create a buzz, restaurant owners can always take the help of special social media marketing services like Stormlikes.com.

Created Brands That Exist Only in Social Media

While much of the marketing activity on Instagram has been by the usual brands seeking to create awareness and engage with customers on social media, there has also been a completely new phenomenon of social brands that use only the social media to communicate with their target audience bypassing conventional media completely. Brands like Daniel Wellington and Frank Body are examples of the outstanding success of social media marketing.


Because of its visual orientation that makes communication easy and the very large mass of users, Instagram is fast changing the way people discover, communicate, and get involved in various aspects of life. There are plenty of opportunities for people and businesses that appreciate this phenomenon and move fast to leverage it.

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