Wrench on nut like a Professional: If you are a newbie, probably you’re a bit apprehensive about using an impact wrench. Here, we expound on how to use an impact wrench on lug nuts like a pro.


Impact wrenches are cordless tools used by professionals to tighten and loosen nuts, bolts, and lug nuts. The user employs bursts and force to deliver power. Undeniably when you compare to ordinary drivers which deliver approximately 1500 in lb., an impact wrench is the real deal. It delivers double power of 3000 in-lb., to drive even the largest lug nuts and loosen rusted nuts. You can also use an impact wrench in removing lug nuts of a truck and car tires. Have you ever used an electric drill, if yes, then you are aware of the vibrating motion on your hands when drilling? The advantage of impact wrenches is that they are easy to use since the blows transfer high power to what you are fastening. You will feel more comfortable using it since the energy does not flow through your hands or arm.

How To Use An Impact Wrench?

As mentioned earlier, an impact wrench uses electrical power to apply intense force to twist and loosen or tighten a lug nut. Usually, this happens in a short burst lasting at least five seconds. If you have a small project at home, such as home improvements, you don’t need to call a professional, but you can do it yourself. An impact wrench is a pistol-like tool that will save the day. Below here, we look at the steps to follow when using an impact wrench.

Gather Materials And Tools

Before you start, it’s essential to get your materials ready. You’ll need a Jack stand, lug wrench, socket wrench kit, torque wrench, and a workshop instruction manual. It’s essential to read the manufacturer’s instructions on the manual before using an impact wrench. Take note of each unit; some wrenches have specifications in (ft. lb.)

Inspect The Components

You need to inspect the bolts, nuts or studs for any damage. The threads must be clean, and if they have rust or are damaged, you can order for new bots or wheel studs from the nearest hardware store. Confirm if the wheels are clean and in perfect condition. Your working area needs to be perfectly clean.

Jack Your Car

Before you remove the wheels, start by loosening the fasteners when your vehicle is still on the ground. Similarly, the car should in parking mode with its brakes set. Next, jack your car and allow it to rest on the jack stands. You can still tighten the fasteners on the surface of the floor.

Select The Right Socket

It’s essential to select the right outlet for each fastener that you will use. A large or small-sized plug may damage the head of the nut. Before connecting the impact wrench to an electric outlet, ensure that you disconnect to prevent accidents such as electrocution. After selecting the socket to use, press right into the torque pistol through its square drive.

 Loosening The Nuts

Hold the wrench and pull the switch. Allow the socket to stay on top of the fastener. Build some force slowly with the impact wrench tightly on top of the nut. The force slowly loosens the tight lug nut.

Removing The Lug Nut

Set the switch in a reverse action and hold the impact wrench with your hands to allow for some stability. Activate the trigger to the last set while placing the socket over the lug nut head. With your finger firmly on the trigger and the socket still on the lug nut, apply moderate force to loosen the lug nut. The nut will dislodge and immediately let go of the trigger to prevent damaging the socket and fastener. You can repeat the same procedure for other nuts.

Tightening The Nuts

First, ensure the wheel is on its hub. By use of hands, fix the nuts, and it’s essential to refrain from using a lubricant or anti-seize agent to drive nuts. Here, you must use the right socket on the wrench. Apply force on the square drive and select forward. Hold the impact wrench and slowly release the trigger. With the socket onto the nut head, moderate the speed of the rod when the finger is firmly on the wrench’s trigger. Continue with this activity up to the point where the nut is wholly compressed up. Don’t tighten the nut until you all the nuts are in place. Once you’re through, now the nuts are in place, and it’s time to tighten them. Start from the first lug nut and direct the socket over it. Using the impact wrench activate the trigger and start tightening the nuts in a crisscross style. Apply torque with small blasts to tighten the nuts. For example, after tightening nut A, then tighten nut B, which is directly facing nut A. Repeat the pattern by applying force evenly on the wheel until all the bolts are firmly in place. The wheel should fit comfortably, too much force could damage the pieces. Such a pattern ensures that there’s a uniform application of force on the wheel and its hub. If you are changing more than one wheel, you can use the same pattern for all of them

Finishing And Switching Off The Impact Wrench

After completing the task, switch off the impact wrench. Next, remove from the plug from the electric outlet and store it in your tool area. Lower your vehicle away from the jack stand and activate the parking mode.


There are times you may be away from home, and an emergency occurs. There’s no need to worry since most vehicles usually have a wheel wrench that you can use. The only unfortunate thing is that these machines may not tighten the lugs properly. Still, deal with the emergency first, and then when you get home, uses an impact wrench to loosen and then tighten the bolts. If you have problems fixing the nuts at home, you may contact qualified personnel to get the job done.

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