Easy Ways to Improve your Home Security in 2022

Are you thinking about improving your home security in the following year? These easy tips will help you keep burglars away from your belongings!

Your home is one of the most valuable assets you have, along with everything inside it. It’s also a place where you want to feel safe and secure from all the dangers from the outside world.

Luckily, there are easy ways to secure your property and make it that safe heaven where you can rest assured that you and your family are protected from outside dangers.

Home Security

Always lock up your home

It may sound like a no-brainer thing, but many people are tempted to leave their homes without locking the doors and windows properly. Whether you’re in a hurry or you think that you’ll be back in a second, you may neglect to lock the door. Ill-intentioned people who are targeting your home will see this as an invitation inside your home.

Locking up your home, even when you go out for a couple of minutes, can significantly reduce the chances of becoming a victim of a burglary. It doesn’t matter if you just go down the street to visit a neighbor or buy some groceries. We recommend these smart Locks that can be controlled from your Phone.

If you leave your home, even for a short time, They Help Keep your Home secured even if you forgot to protect your home by Locking your Doors. Get the Level Bolt Smart Lock that have Bluetooth Deadbolt in them at Amazon at A discounted Fee that’s Available for 2day

Install a security camera system

Security camera systems work wonders in keeping burglars away. Burglars count on anonymity to get away with their crimes. So, they don’t want their faces recorded when breaking into a house.

Security camera systems don’t only keep burglars away by discouraging them from breaking into your home. They are also essential tools that can help with the investigation of a potential burglary.

Suppose your home is the victim of thieves. In that case, the footage from your security cameras can prove to be efficient evidence that will help the authorities identify and find whoever stole your belongings.

Get these 6 Camera Kit with HD Footage coverage. The Blink Security Camera can be installed both outside and insode your Home. They’re wireless and hard for burglars to notice.

Keep your valuables safe

A break-in won’t be that dramatic if the burglars don’t actually steal anything valuable. If you don’t want to make it easy for burglars to steal your gadgets, jewelry, or anything precious you own inside your home, secure those things.

Burglars know that they don’t have too much time to check every drawer or box for valuables when breaking into a home. For this reason, they usually steal the most valuable things they can find in plain sight.

Whether you use a safety box or lock them in a drawer, make sure that your valuables aren’t just laying around your entire home easy for burglars to find them.

Forget the “hide-the-key”

Most homeowners leave a space key somewhere around their house in case they ever need it. They might leave it in case they lose their keys or use it in an emergency if they are not at home and someone needs to get inside.

But, the problem here is that a space key is typically left in a relatively easy place to find and remember. And, make no mistake, burglars know that. An experienced burglar will find it really easy to find your spare key and use it to steal all your valuables from inside.

Thus, a smart door lock that can be unlocked with a code gives you improved control over who enters your home. You can share this code only with people you trust, like your friends or family members, allowing them to enter your home when needed, without the risk of leaving a spare key that a burglar can easily find and use.

Landscape with security in mind

One aspect that many homeowners neglect when designing their landscape is whether or not it adds to their property’s security. Don’t make the same mistake!

As you walk around your outdoor space, make sure to remove any potential hiding spots where burglars can stay until you leave your home. What’s more, use walls and fences as an effective barrier against unwanted guests.

Another thing you can do in your landscape is use hedges, thorny shrubs, and climbing roses to make burglars’ job of entering your property even more difficult and discouraging. Plants that are adorned with vicious thorns are an added security barrier as it would be difficult and time-consuming for a burglar to cut their way inside your outdoor space.

Don’t be obvious when you’re away

If you’ve seen the famous movie Home Alone, you probably already know that homes that seem empty are burglars’ no.1 targets. It simply makes sense. If there’s no one home to stop them from entering the property and stealing every valuable inside, breaking into an empty home makes their job a lot easier.

So, another way to improve your home safety is to make sure that you’re not too obvious when you leave for a trip.

Your home should always appear occupied, even when you’re away. For example, you can use timers to turn on and switch off the lights. Or, you can use the same strategy with a radio so that burglars hear some chattering coming from inside.

When going away, you should also ask a neighbor or friends to visit your lawn every day and collect any mail or flayers that may signal thieves that there’s no one at home.

Pretend to be a burglar

It may sound silly, but putting yourself in the shoes of a burglar can actually help you improve your home security. More precisely, when you pay attention to the details a burglar would, you’re more likely to identify any weak areas or security systems that may allow burglars to enter your property easily.

As a “burglar,” you’ll look at your property with different eyes. You may spot that hole in the fence that allows you to enter your backyard. You may also notice that a window can be opened from outside pretty easily. Or, you may find out that your motion-activated light sensors don’t always work as they should.

The point of this role-play exercise is to discover any weaknesses in your security system that you may have previously didn’t noticed and fix them before a real burglar takes advantage of it.

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