How to Increase Your App Downloads (without Spending More)?

Increase App Downloads Hack

As you are reading this article, it is likely that either you are planning to launch your own application or have already released it, but are not getting desired downloads. You are looking for a way to know how can you safely and quickly improve your app downloads and get on the top of the ‘Top Downloads’ list.

Regardless of what your reason is, reading this article will be a profitable decision for you.

Here, we will discuss different ways you can bring 1000 clicks on your app’s download button and eventually gain higher ROI. The ways that will help you to outshine the competition on the Apple App Store (or Google Play Store) and convince your users to choose your application among the options available.

And the best part, without making a hole in your pocket.

So, without ado, let’s begin with the first method.

1. Invest in ASO

The first and most effective method to increase your mobile app’s download rate is investing in App Store Optimization.

This process, where you optimize your app’s page on the respective App Store while submitting your application, brings a major difference in app’s ranking as per App Store’s algorithm.

This brings your application on the top in the search list and encourage users to pick your application for meeting their needs.

However, this is possible only when you consider the factors that make your app rank high efficiently and effectively.

2. Promote Your App Before Launch

Most of the mobile app development companies still plan to promote their application, once it goes live. An impact of this, in the present competitive world, is that they do not get desired outcomes.

So, it is necessary to bring your team on board and plan a marketing strategy on the same day you get the app idea. This practice will help you to validate your app idea as well as maintain a continual engagement in the marketplace. And this way, find hundreds of users hitting onto your app’s ‘install’ button at its launch day.

3. Embrace Social Media Platforms

Another method that you can employ to improve your app download graph is investing in Social media marketing.

When you share posts, images, behind-the-scenes videos, and other such engaging content related to your application on different social media platforms, the chances of gaining attention of users increases. Also, taking surveys and polls every now and then helps you to know what users expect, and thus, plan for an app update accordingly.

And the best part, a major part of Social media marketing can be done for free.

4. Write Blogs and Other Write-ups

Bringing the power of Content marketing to your app development and promotion process is also a great idea.

When you write blogs, articles, and other write-ups to showcase what problems does your app solves and how, users find it easier to get familiar with your application. This further encourage them to download and try your application to get rid of those problems.

5. Encourage Users for Reviews

Another method that is highly recommended by reputed mobile app development companies is focusing on user reviews

When you encourage user share their feedback on the app page, others landing on your app page consider it a positive factor. They trust those reviews and download your application.

increase app installs

Also, the app store algorithm consider positive user reviews as an indication that users are loving your application. And so, improve its search results, which eventually makes more mobile users land onto your app page and download it.

6. Consider Referral Marketing

The process of encouraging users to refer your application to others in return of some profits, i.e, Referral marketing is also an effective method to elevate app download rate.

When a user refers your app to his near and dear ones, they take the suggestion seriously. They tap on the ‘download’ button immediately. And even, refer to their known folk to gain benefits associated with Referring process. This way, the number of people involved in the referral marketing process continue to increase and ultimately, help in seeing a striking increase in the download graph.

7. Measure, Analyze, and Update

Last but not least, do not overlook the fact that various mobile apps are entering into the market every day. To ensure that your application does not lose the limelight because of those apps, keep analyzing your apps’ loopholes, optimizing it, and updating it with new and better features. And this way, encourage users to tap on your app’s install button throughout the time.

Wrapping Up

With users becoming more selective about choosing any app, getting into the list of apps with higher downloads has become a tough task. However, by considering the seven ways shared above, you can see a significant rise in your app downloads. So, look ahead to introduce them in your app marketing strategy and relish higher benefits.

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