5 inexpensive Handmade Gifts that She Love to Receive!

Gifts: You are in search of romantic handmade gifts for valentine? Let us help you in this. Valentine day is celebrated by exchanging love gifts. You must have presented red rose, cake, chocolates and so many gifts. Here let’s give your partner a surprise by making a gift at home. A handmade gift responds much better way than the store bought gift. Here we come up with Romantic Gift Ideas which are heart winning and inspiring. So for the same reason we have showed a tutorial about how to make a DIY love gift for your partner to gift on the love day.

Box of Love Notes with Surprise Love Letter

You must be sharing your love thoughts on social media every day. But seriously, it may not emphasis so much on values then the handwritten love note. Love letters is a keepsake gift can be stored for preserving memories. Have different color envelopes, write love notes on the letter pads and put it in the cover. Now fill all these covers in one cardboard box and decorate it with heart cutouts and a silk bow on the top. You can unleash all your romantic and sexy talks which you can’t do in verbal communication. So it would actually help in strengthening the bond of love between two.

Surprise love later

Self-made Heart Shape Frame

A heart frame is another trick to learn their importance in your life. Take one cardboard box and draw a heart shape with pencil. Now cut the heart shape with x-acto knif. Now cover the heart edges with craft paper, hearty or red color. Pick out the memorable photo and use it to frame inside this beautiful handmade heart. Or else you can use empty frames and stick the heart shape cardboard on this frame for instant result. It’s not complicated very easy and seamless task. It’s a perfect memory gift she or he will cherish in the resting time.

Love blooming banquet

Love Blooming Bouquet

Certainly flowers are the best option delights the heart. Instead of buying flowers bouquet from garden replace the choice to handmade floral bouquet. Pick the floral from your garden, some greenery and some filler flowers to make love bouquet for your partner. No worries if you have no time left for making a bouquet, send flowers online is an ultimate solution for to buy same day flowers. Flowers dies in a day but your efforts on making this will make your gift priceless then the store bought gift. The aroma and beauty of flowers will always remain in your partner’s mind. So be it if your partner is bit romantic and love receiving token of love.

Love cake

Heart-shaped Love cake

No other gift will set the mood for celebration then a romantic cake. cake cutting ceremony is the trend followed when you are cherishing the special moment. So here comes the great moment for couple for celebrating the love. Buy readymade cake flour and mix it well. Now turn this cake better into heart shape mould and bake it. Decorate it with cut strawberry slices and red cherries. Both have a freedom to eat the whole cake as there is no tension of sharing and enjoy the whole cake together.

Heart-shaped love cake

Heart-shaped Love Basket

A handmade gift basket is truly an inspirational gift. The reason behind is you can include the things they are interested in. Like she loves going spa, you can make a spa basket for her including bathing products, lotions and some essential oil. If your husband is quite foodie, give him a basket full of wine and cheese snacks. If your partner is on the go for travelling, include a travel kit like shower gel, trimmer, after shave lotion, hand sanitizer and deo in this. So this is how you can use this idea to make the best valentine gift for your partner.

Heart-shaped love basket

So here are the creative and innovative DIY gifts helps you in showering love for your partner. It satisfies the journey of happy giving. Seriously it is the best way to make your partner feel extra special. It is the best excuse to say “why you are the love of my life”. So use these inexpensive handmade gifts to make your partner’s heart beat for you.

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