Innovative World of CRYPTALDASH and PRIMESTONE (PSC)

Total innovation on the cryptocurrency exchanges market! Innovation in cryptocurrency domain gave new perspectives for cryptocurrency enthusiasts and investors. Welcome to cryptodash. It provides users with access to browse multiple markets at the same time.


Traders here have access to multiple exchanges in one Trading Platform. In simple terms, it is a one platform giving single access to third-party exchange with order routing capabilities.

Currently, it connects users to various exchanges across five cryptocurrency markets: BTC, ETH, XRP, Dash & XEM. The advantages of this innovative solution are evident to all users.

They are given an opportunity to have access to the third party platform while trading within CryptalDash. As a result, if they find a better price somewhere else, they have the option of using integrated 3rd party exchanges. This solution ensures the certainty of the best prices because traders constantly monitor the situation in several markets. On CryptalDash internal trading enables users to trade via this the platform, but they can access another exchange whenever they notice there a better price.

The CryptalDash system offers high volume trading at 1,000,000 orders per second. It is capable of processing 1,500,000 per second. These numbers beat a majority of crypto exchanges. Also, CryptalDash’s fees are attractive and remain at a low level of 0.1% per transaction. If users are trading across multiple platforms, the cost is extremely low – at the level of 0.03% per transaction.

CryptalDash has been able to attract a number of users who should also take note of the interface created in a transparent and user-friendly manner. Moreover, the program is easy to use through a single intuitive interface that creates perfect visibility. What are more, CryptalDash users able to eliminate errors caused by jumping from one interface to another. At the same time, in order to address the expectations of various users, CryptalDash will be available on multiple devices including mobile. A downloadable CryptalDash app will be available on IOS and Android, as well as desktop and tablet.

CryptalDash believes that the best place to be is close to the user. They genuinely support traders through active communication, what enables them to quickly and flexibly respond to various requests and market requirements. CryptalDash offers a membership program comprising three levels of exceptional customer service.

  • SILVER — 24/7 multi-language telephone support, is still adding new languages as users require them.
  • GOLD — as above, but Gold will also be able to contact a relationship manager to provide technical support and advice.
  • PLATINUM — all of Silver and Gold benefits, but Platinum members will be able to trade over the phone.

Furthermore, CryptalDash attempts to make its customer service personnel. Users can contact telephone support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition, CryptalDash offers support via Telegram and Facebook.

Users must be safe and secure when they use exchanges. CryptalDash has also made its best to ensure not only the best possible quality of the platform but also multifactor dynamic authentication and customer account security. CryptalDash applied 2-factor authentication via Google Authenticator. Thanks to this solution, it will generate a new secret key every time users log in.

No matter if you’re a serious cryptocurrency trader or a small time hobby investor, CryptalDash is the exchange you have been waiting for. It will soon be all over google news.

The Cryptal Dash Exchange New Coin Listing Competition

The Cryptal Dash Exchange also represents an important opportunity for new or small coins. CryptalDash is the host of the New Coin Listing Competition that presents the only opportunity for coins to get listed on The CryptalDash Exchange. The aim of the competition is to show the potential of coins. CryptalDash may mark their presence on the market.

Coins interested in participating should submit application forms. Internal verification chooses 20 coins that will participate in a given phase of the Competition. Each phase runs for one week and only two coins are declared as the winners for each phase. CryptalDask not only creates these easy job opportunities but also gives a chance to establish the coin’s position on the market.

What is important is that CryptalDash is only interested in coins that support at least one goal from the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

There are two ways to win the Competition. The first is to accumulate 100,000 (100K) points to be automatically listed in the Exchange. The second is to compete with other coins to get at least 60,000 (60K) points.

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There are also various ways to get your points. So coins and their communities may earn points in a variety of ways. Core team members should mobilize, organize and encourage their communities to support their coin. The team, influencers, supporters, and all other members of the participating coin communities can earn points.

Points can be gathered through:

  1. High leverage tasks: 30,000 points where 1 task is equivalent from 1,000 to 5,000 points;
  2. Buying CRD tokens: 30,000 points where USD $1 spent to buy CRD tokens is equivalent to 1 point;
  3. Social shares: 2,000 shares required where 1 share is equivalent to 10 points;
  4. Social follows: 2,000 follows required where 1 following is equivalent to 10 points.


One of the coins participating in the current phase of the CryptalDash Exchange New Coin Listing Competition is PrimeStone.


PrimeStone provides modern solutions to users enabling them to enter the world of virtual money.

PrimeStone has an experienced, energetic team, they are committed specialists and enthusiasts, who closely watch and examine cryptocurrency markets. Primestone performs complex project which constitutes a major breakthrough in the blockchain technology.

In the first stage of the project, the PrimeStone Currency (PSC) has been created. PSC is a multifunctional and well-protected currency that guarantees quick and smooth transactions. For creating X11 an algorithm is used and it allows the mining of 60,000,000 coins. PSC does some features, such as SegWit, Replay Protection, Unique Address Format, Zero-Knowledge Proof, Lightning Network. PrimeStone can be mined on GPU, CPU and other devices with a large computational power. This new cryptocurrency has an extensive reputation both at national and international level.

Find out more about The CryptalDash Exchange and PrimeStone (PSC) to enter the world of large investments and innovative solutions.

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