INSTAGRAM EXPLAINED: Do You Really Need It? This Will Help You Decide!

Instagram is a social service for communication, sharing photos and videos. At first, this mobile application was only available for iPhone owners, but now it is supported by many other smartphones. Register your page and add your friends who already have an Instagram account. This network allows you to upload various photos that your friends can like and comment on in your news feed. You can also view pictures and videos of friends from around the world.

Currently, a fairly simple mobile Instagram application has gained immense popularity, especially among selfie lovers. Not many people know that the largest social network Facebook has bought Instagram for a crazy amount equal to almost a billion dollars! Now the application has more than one hundred million registered users actively posting their photos.


Three main factors of ranking news feed algorithms on Instagram: interest, relevance, relationship with the author of the publication.

Three additional factors: the frequency of posting, the number of followers, user behavior. If you’re in need of more followers, you can always use Instagram services: view more.

Algorithms for ranking do not hide posts, but only organize them; if you scroll through the tape for a long time, you can find any publication from your followings.

Instagram algorithms do not take into account the account type and content type.

To increase the effectiveness of posting, you need to publish content regularly, communicate with followers and participate in discussions in other people’s comments.

To determine what your audience likes, ask through surveys, or analyze past experiences. Extended analytics in Instagram will help in the rapid development of your account.

Instagram for business

Most viewed posts

You will find a very interesting section, where you will be shown the best entries for the 7 days that are most viewed. If you need to open data from all records, then click the “View more” button.

For easy viewing, all data can be divided into some categories by:

  • By type of posts: photos, video posts, galleries
  • By type of indicators: the number of impressions, likes, comments, engagement, reach, etc.
  • By dates: 7 days, a month, three months, half a year, 1 year and two years.

For convenience, Instagram added the ability to view the statistics of each post using the button below it.

Story statistics

A very useful block is the statistics of published stories. Since the stories on Instagram become a very good way for both promotion and sales, you need to carefully monitor the analytics. Based on the data, it is possible to understand which story formats most like followers, and which ones gain few views and many closures.

Statistics are given to you in the last 24 hours and this is logical because the stories themselves are recycled in a day and are deleted. To view the data of all published stories there is a button “Read more”.

The indicators are given in 2 categories:

  • Number of impressions, refusals, responses, and coverage
  • For a certain time: 1 day, week and 2 weeks.


Very detailed statistics about your followers. Here you can see not only how their number changes, but at what time it is more active. You can find out what sex and age are dominant, as well as find out from which cities from the countries they come to you.

But to find out the age and gender indicators, you must have more than 100 followers to your page.


You can find out a brief statistic of your advertisements, but it’s best to look at the Ads Manager since it’s more detailed and contains more useful data.

How to work with statistics

  • Pick the best time for posting posts
  • Note that after the introduction of the
  • Instagram algorithm, your every action directly affects the reach, so you need to carefully choose the time of publication to get as many views as possible. In your statistics, you will see the data, when your audience is the most active, at what time and on which day.
  • At least for a week, try to apply this data and post the most interesting posts at this time. Compare the number of likes and comments before and after the innovation.
  • Improve and customize your content for followers.
  • Statistics are given to you for a reason and it should be used to the maximum. Learn in detail the gender and age of your audience, as well as the posts under which the most likes and comments. Based on them, select interesting posts or formats, for example, young audiences video clips go better than just one photo.
  • During the first 2-3 weeks, keep track of whether the new posts have been liked by your followers and whether other indicators are decreasing. If the dynamics are positive, then it is worthwhile to continue in the same format, if not, then try something new.

Don’t forget to post stories

Stories gain a huge amount of views, and if you have an online store, they will help you attract new sales. Constantly view statistics on stories and adapt them to followers, if they do not like something.

To make really exciting stories, use various programs to create a live photo or video editing. Also do not forget to use standard tools to add text, pictures, and emoticons.

Try something new

Try new ways to increase sales, place any call to action in the header directly above the link. Use new promotions or contests to get more attention and get new followers.

Experiment with new items if you see them on other pages. Constantly surprise your followers and they will please you with good statistics.

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