Powerful Influencer Marketing Platforms For Instagram That You Need To Try

Instagram marketing platforms (for influencers)

When FB acquired Instagram way back in 2012, people were literally shocked due to the purchase price, which was $1 billion. Just a little over 4 years, that purchase seems to be the smartest thing that FB has done right from its inception. Some of the following statistics might help you understand the point well.

  • The current ad revenue for the 2017 was projected to reach $2.81 billion and it did.
  • Even the user engagement with brands is stated to be 10 times more than on FB and around 84% higher than the Twitter count.
  • Around 50% of the IG users will follow at least one major brand.
  • On the other hand, 70% of most used hash tags are now branded in nature.

You can add more to this picture by stating the fact that IG has introduced its new Shoppable photos feature. It makes the platform more apparent that platform is going to dominate the current social marketing landscape in upcoming years. With such great attention on IG for businesses, there comes a downside. Brands are literally going to have to work a bit harder than ever to get noticed of, just forget the sustain engagement.

What proves to be bad news for the brands can prove to be good news for influencers dealing with followers for Instagram. There are more than 500 million users who are active on Instagram and companies will mainly have to increase funneling message through influencers if they plan to reach out to right audience. So, you have to be sure of the top IG influencer platforms to check out on.


Upfluence is stated to be a self-service influencer based discovery platform, which helps in targeting influencers on all the major social channels like IG and also on Blogosphere. It comes at quite a low cost when compared to most of the competitors out there, which will bring it into realms of the medium and smaller sized businesses. Apart from that, Upfluence can always claim various big name clients which will include PayPal, Microsoft, AXA and Ralph Lauren.

  • Even though the highlight of the Upfluence offering is search software, you can always do more than just hunt down for the influencers. The software helps in allowing you to just manage preferred influencers right into lists.
  • It can always provide you with complete access to the present personal contact details. You can further export the details in bulk and then contact them right at scale.
  • The database of Upfluence is always mind-boggling. Even the algorithm indexes over the 500 million content items and it helps in analyzing each piece for the reach and engagement.
  • It means you can always search for the influencers with the help of imaginable keywords. You can further drill down searches to quite long tail terms.
  • This source has grown out of actually two tools. The first one is the Façade, which is a search engine and another one is Publishr, which is an influencer marketplace.
  • Right now, the marketplace is gone but there are most of the management tools remaining. It means that Upfluence will offer widest ranges of tools for easing out the complications of finding and then making contact with influencers. It can work to keep track of success of campaigns too.

Heading toward NeoReach:

NeoReach was first proposed as a proper way to connect some brands with the social media influencers. The idea is proved to be quite encouraging and popular, which helped in developing the vision. The brains behind this source were quite able to generate a whopping amount of $1.5M of seed funding by the time of 2014, which actually turned this idea into a reality. Brands, which are planning to use NeoReach have to pay one annual fee, which is then customized to the needs of every firm. it helps in targeting some of the larger companies with some sizable marketing departments.

This source will find its influencers by just using the sophisticated algorithm, which can mine social web for some of the relevant data. As a proper result, influencers will not sign up for the service. Anyone, who is genuinely influential, will likely to include their names in the 3 M people group in NeoReach already.

One of the major focuses over here is to provide extensive arrays of data. You can always search for the posts, which are relating to selected keyword.

NeoReach will be the one to help you find the influencers out, who have online conversations about keywords. If you want, you can always refine the research on wider ranges of factors, which will often include psychographic and demographic features.

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NeoReach happens to use AI for determining the best results for your use. It learns right from your searches. So, the more you plan to use the platform, the better you might find out the suggestions to be. After coming out of the suitable influencers, you can reach for campaign management tools for assisting you in managing campaigns.

NeoReach is known to have developed own method of just calculating the RPO. They mainly call it influencer media value or IMV. It further helps in showing real value of the current influencer marketing campaigns now.


Formerly known as Revfluence, AspireIQ is mainly a matured for of influence marketing platform. It is still improving the feature set on a regular basis. It comprises of particular strength with the present influencer management tools. These tools are robust to just attract some of the high profile clients out there. Below are some of the benefits of using AspireIQ:

  • It helps in providing tools for all stages of influencer marketing campaign.
  • Some of those campaign based examples are campaign lifestyle management, campaign creation, digital term sheets, content collaboration, product tracking and so much more.
  • It has one of the most comprehensive toolsets available for the management section.

Once you are sure of the influencer marketing platforms, things will start to work out in your favor for sure. You will definitely love the results involved in this category to have worked out in your favor.

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