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If you are already running a business or you have the plans to develop a business right from scratch, it is crucial that you have proper marketing strategies. We’re in the early month of 2019 and the market is already crowded irrespective of the various niches. Instagram is a huge pie, which the brands can split into thousand pieces. However, only one trick is associated with it. You need to know how you are going to slice it.

There is no doubt to the fact that your brand has a huge potential of flourishing on Instagram. According to, 71% of the companies that belong to the United States are making use of Instagram for various business purposes.

If you have not started the amazing journey on Instagram yet, and you are looking forward to doing so soon, you can follow the several guidelines, which are listed below.

Starting with the fundamentals

It is obvious that the first thing that you have to do is create an Instagram account if you do not already have one. However, it is best to set up a business account for your brand instead of a personal one. The features that are associated with business accounts are going to be extremely helpful right from the moment you are activating it. Keep in mind that the username that you are selecting on Instagram is identical to the other usernames that you are using on different other social media platforms. In addition, it should be related to your brand.

You need to choose a picture that is professional. It is suggested that you use the logo of your company. Also, make sure that you are writing a concise and short bio. Do not rush your bio because that is the only thing that is going to help your customers to understand what your brand is all about. An interesting and compelling bio is capable of influencing the performance of your business page.

Establishing the goals

You need to keep in mind that the marketing strategy for Instagram should be extremely smart. Before you start walking on this road, it is crucial that you establish both short-term as well as long-term goals. Ask yourself as to what you are willing to accomplish with the help of your Instagram account. Depending on the goals that your company has, it is crucial that you identify the motives that have been listed below.

  • Improving brand awareness
  • Generating sales
  • Customer loyalty
  • Traffic
  • Attracting new clients as well as customers
  • Developing relationships with the influencers for a long-term

Developing Instagram content strategies

Content is considered to be the ruler even on your Instagram account. When you are starting your Instagram page, each and everything is fresh and new. It is your responsibility to decipher how you will be building a great audience. This, in turn, means that you need to understand how you will be posting the content. You need to ask yourself the following questions.

  • The frequency of your posts.
  • The topics that you are going to approach.

Moreover, it is crucial that your content has a particular theme. You should be capable of deciding as to how you will be approaching the followers as well as the fans. It is completely dependent on you as to what kind of brand you want to be for the customers. Your brand can be mysterious, confident, or funny, as long as it is capable of attracting the attention of your audience.

It is significant that you choose one particular theme and try to stick to that theme only. Keep in mind that the tone that your brand has is going to be remembered. This is why you need to make sure that the content that you are posting is reflecting the culture of the brand. To gain real followers, you can go through the website of Gramblastr.

Creating strong brand propositions

Like the other social media networks, Instagram is also a distribution network, which helps in developing the reputation that a strong and perfect brand has. Your Instagram page should be considered to be a place, where your brand will flourish. Identify the unique business traits and ensure that you are emphasizing it throughout all the contents that you post consistently.

For instance, if the brands within your niche do not offer discounts and bonuses, you should be definitely doing it. This is going to keep you one step ahead of the competitors. The value proposition that your brand has should not only be specific but you should also direct it towards a particular group of audience.

You can consider the examples of some of the reputed brands. Evernote specifies the benefits of the products in a single sentence and covers everything that is required. They also offer a free trial, which is an aspect that you cannot ignore.

Stripe is also another reputed brand that has been carefully leveraging the value proposition. The statement that they have is concise, complete, and clear.

Creating branded hashtags

When all the popular social networking channels are considered, Instagram is known to excel when it comes to using hashtags. Most of the Instagrammers have a fondness for retailing all their posts by using various hashtags. The reason behind this is the additional traffic. The moment you are posting a particular hashtag, all the Instagrammers who are searching for this hashtag will come across the post. This basically means free traffic.

This is why you should learn about the different kinds of hashtags that are going to work for the brand and the type of business that you are into. You can also create branded hashtags, which means that original hashtags will be representing the purpose, culture, and mission of the brand. Ensure that you are creating something remarkable so that your brand is remembered.


Marketing your brand with the help of Instagram is considered to be incredibly powerful. However, you need to have proper knowledge about leveraging it. Follow the tips that have been mentioned above for embarking on this beautiful journey.

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