Top 5 Instagram Metrics You Need to Track in 2019

Tracking the ideal Instagram analytics is absolutely necessary for growing the audience as well as making your brand influential on this platform. Instagram insights are the built-in Analytics tool of Instagram and it is extremely simple and can be used easily. However, as your follower base starts growing, you are going to require something that is more robust for tracking the metrics. Fortunately, a number of external analytics tools are also available, which will help you to understand how your posts are performing.

Given below is a list of the significant Instagram metrics that you should be tracking now.

Top 5 Instagram Metrics You Need To Know

• Impressions

Impressions data is responsible for revealing as to how effectively you have been promoting the contents. Choosing the relevant hashtags is going to ensure that the videos and photos reach a wide audience base, and improves the impressions score.

• Instagram reach percentage

Optimizing the hashtags is another way of helping more people to view your Instagram account. In order to increase the reach percentage, it is crucial that you factor a number of important elements, which include, picking an ideal time for posting your contents. You can make use of the Like4Like hashtags so that you gain more engagement on your posts. According to, an Instagram image is capable of receiving 23 percent more engagement in comparison to Facebook counterparts.

Instagram does not show your contents in the chronological order, but you still have the opportunity of taking advantage of the number of posting times for generating engagement right after the post is live. Instagram insights are responsible for showing as to when the followers are active mostly, and you can schedule the Instagram posts in a strategic manner, in accordance with the information gathered.

• Engagement

No business can deny the fact that the rate of engagement is definitely a significant metric that you should keep on your mind, for both the individual posts as well as the account. Interactions like comments, likes, shares, as well as saves, help in measuring the engagement. You need to understand the posts that are getting the maximum interactions and also the kinds of interactions that they are getting.

When you are growing your business with the help of your Instagram account, the comments that you receive are considered to be the valuable engagements. Whenever someone is commenting or mentioning a friend, you are responsible for getting the qualitative insights about the content. You will also be able to build relationships with the followers when you like their comments and reply back. This is an ideal way of fostering engagement.

• Account metrics

Account metrics is responsible for combining the individual statistics of your posts so that you can track the effectiveness of your profile with time. The three important metrics that you need to understand is the rate of engagement, the rate of the growth of followers, and the audience metrics.

The advertisement metrics

In order to get an idea about the Instagram advertisements, you need to link the account with your Facebook business account. Apart from tracking the impressions as well as reach, you will also be able to track the conversions as well as the click-through rate.


Instagram analytics can help in providing a lot of knowledge about your business. Ensure that you are using the most of it so that you can ensure that your business is moving towards success.

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