Instagram Printer: Making Events Fun With Social

In the age of digital dominance, any event happening that is worthy of people’s attention, inevitably ends up documented online or on social media websites. After all, whether it is a photo, video or any other multimedia formats, people post interesting activities online all the time. And one of the most popular and rapidly expanding social media websites is Instagram. With a billion users worldwide, the potential of Instagram in communication strategies is huge.

Instagram hashtag printer

How does Instagram work?

Instagram is an application for sharing visual content, photos, and videos, easily accessible on smartphones. Individual profiles are used to post specific content which can be tagged with specific hashtags. A hashtag is a word or phrase typed without space, accompanied by a “#” at the front. It is a way to organize and channel the constant influx of images, visuals, and videos so that when the hashtag is typed in the search bar, all the tagged posts show up.

With the convenience of hashtags grouping similarly tagged content together, the maximum potential of this feature is used in various ways. Any topic or post can become the most trending topic across social media with a simple use of ‘#’ tag. Nowadays, every important event has its own unique hashtag so that all the tagged posts can be found together. From weddings to car launches, everyone is using Instagram hashtag campaigns to reach more potential viewers. Typically, the guests are informed of the designated hashtag for the event and then urged to post any picture or selfie of the event on social media with that hashtag.

Instabooth For Events

An Instabooth or Instagram Photo Booth is a designated area in the event for getting pictures clicked and can be outfitted with an Instagram Hashtag Printer for visitors to get their pictures printed. It could be stall or kiosk, where the hashtag printer would scan the event hashtag on Instagram and print all tagged photos. The image can be printed based on a pre-decided template, for example- a 4×6 printed photo or a printed souvenir of some kind. The keepsake of the event can even include the event organizer’s personal branding like custom artwork, logos, brand name, slogan, etc.

hashtag photo booth

An Instagram hashtag printer for events is already an attraction for the crowds, adding the Instagram photo booth only results in more engagement and reach, both in real life and online. A hashtag printer for events can be very easily incorporated into any activities or events. When installed properly with the correct set of instructions, the Instabooth does not require constant supervision. The hashtag printer is a device that the visitors can use on their own without any technical helper needing to attend to them at all times. The Instagram Hashtag Printer is not only easily understood, but also actively used by the people of age below 35 years, the youth. Thus, adding this to an already existing Instabooth business is not that difficult.

Technology, Social and Events

A powerful tool that combines technology, social and events is not only good for business but also a fun new addition to activities that desperately require some unique elements every time. What better way to enhance your own brand marketing than by allowing people or your event attendees to do what they love, taking photos, just with an added bonus of printed memories of the event for them to have. It is an amazing way to create awareness of your brand with such fun and creative brand and event activations which include the audience itself to promote the brand.

About the author –

Saanvi is a creative designer and personal blogger. Her interest is in researching the latest interactive technologies in the social media world. She is currently researching about brand activation solutions like Green Screen, Magic Mirror, 3D Holographic, Photo Booths, Instagram hashtag printer, Mixed Reality Solutions and more. In her free time she loves to travel and reading fiction books.

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