Interesting Facts Behind the Top Rated OST to PST Converter

interesting facts behind the top rated ost to pst converter

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Today we are going to discuss about the facts that any user wants to know about the “Top Rated OST to PST converter”. This will help to choose the wise option in terms of best converts.

The OST to PST conversion requirement is very common for the user who wants to migrate from the another and when they face some other issues like file corruption. The drawback you face in this case is that you can’t access your data by simply copy-pasting to another place. So, you finally need to convert the OST file to PST file in order to read them in MS outlook. But the real problem arises when the file is already corrupted or is an inaccessible stage.

As we all know that Microsoft has its inbuilt repair utility like Scanost.exe (which is for versions 2007 and before) and Scanpst.exe (which is for versions 2010 and later). But there is limitations in this case also like this utility can’t be able to recover the deleted, lost items from the file.

Some Basic Difference between OST and PST files

Microsoft Outlook uses two types of data files i.e., OST and PST. The common difference between these two types of files is that the OST uses to save data for an Offline mode and are stored in MS Exchange servers. And the PST files are the personal folders that store data on the client’s hard disk drive.

Normally the PST file can store email messages, calendar, tasks, contacts, notes etc. On the other side, if you are connected with Exchange servers then it creates an OST file on the local file system.

Also, the OST file allows the user to read, reply and view the emails even in the offline mode whereas in case of PST it doesn’t have this facility.

Fact About the Converter Tools

Now, we are going to discuss what are the major facts that make any tool “Top Rated OST to PST converter”. But before that let us shortly know about the professional tools. A third party OST to PST tools will bring you to easily migrate your files. But there are many many branded tools available in the market. In which some of them are real but some of them are fake too. So let’s see some aspects which one need to see before using any professional tool:

Product Reviews And Ratings

Product’s review and ratings are one of the important aspects that one must need to see before selecting the best OST to PST converter. Reviews are the user’s original experience that they feel about any particular product. And as per the user likings, they will give their individual rating to the product. And the rating we see is the average of all ratings given by different satisfies/unsatisfied users. Therefore, it is highly recommended to customers that they perfectly check the reviews and ratings before purchasing any paid software available on the web.

Based Upon their ratings there are some tools mentioned below

  1. SysInfoTools
  2. Aryson
  3. Stellar
  4. SysTools
  5. Kernel

Product Downloads

It is the second most important factor in choosing a converting tool. Before you buy any paid software, you bust check the number of times it has been downloaded by worldwide users. After checking the number of downloads you will get a rough how popular the product Is?

Based Upon their downloads there are some tools mentions below:

  1. SysInfoTools
  2. Stellar
  3. Aryson
  4. SysTools
  5. Kernel

Product Recommendations

Sometimes, when we are trying to buy any particular professional tool there is a recommendation made by google on the “Google Result Page”. So, always try to compare the tool you searched with the recommended tool as recommendations is always given for the best tools in all aspects of conversion.

The only known 2 highly recommended professional tools are:

  1. Aryson
  2. SysInfoTools

Product Compatibility and support

In tool compatibility, the Top Rated OST to PST converter must support all Microsoft outlook version which includes 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016 version. Which can be operatable with all major operating systems like 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista and XP version.
Well, you need not focus more on this thing as this will be provided by every migrating tool. In terms of Support and Compatibility, you can any of the company tools discusses above.

You may read:

Key Features

The key feature of professional tools also plays an important part in selecting the best converter. So, let’s discuss some key points that one need to check before buys any OST to PST converter and these are:

Corruption Handling:

Sometimes your OST files can be corrupted so for that case your tool can easily convert them into PST format. And that is the best part of any professional tool. The tool must have three different modes of corruption handling i.e., Standard, Advanced and Deep mode.

Encryption Support:

Your tool also supports the conversion of encrypted OST files. It has to support the different encryption types like the high encryption, deflect encryption, no encryption, compressible encryption, etc.

Safe and Instant:

Safety is one of the foremost concerns for anyone. So, you have also to see the safety measures provided by the different tools available in the market. Also, the tool must instantly execute your conversion without taking much time. It must have the capacity to scan thoroughly OST files with a large amount of data with just no time.

Saving Data Range:

This unique feature helps you to include or exclude the data items according to the date range i.e., starting and ending date in the mailbox.

Easy to Use:

Brings you the east to use or simple click application helps you in different aspects like it will reduce the chances of Occurrence of error as most of the task is automated.

Final Thoughts

In this technical blog, we discussed all the facts behind the Top Rated OST to PST converters. So, whenever you are going to purchase the migrating tools you always need to keep those points in mind. Although, if we talk about a most demanded tool which passes all the aspects is the Aryson OST to PST converter. But the other tools suggested in this guide is also good in their particular aspects.

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