Is Accredited Debt Relief Legit?

Debt Relief: Accredited debt relief programs are more likely to be legitimate, but it’s still important to check. There are several solutions available to settle..

Debt relief programs can be a great way to get out of debt, but not all of them are legitimate. It’s important to do your research before you sign up for a program to make sure you’re getting the best deal possible. Accredited debt relief programs are more likely to be legitimate, but it’s still important to check.

There are several solutions available to settle your accounts if you are mired in extreme debt. Among the many solutions to settling your debts, Accredited Debt Relief is among them, however it’s always a good idea to ask — Is accredited debt relief legit?

Accredited Debt Relief is a debt settlement/negotiation company that helps consumers eliminate debt by working with creditors to settle past due accounts each year. They sometimes also provide credit counseling, and debt consolidation for their clients.

How Accredited Debt Relief Works

Accredited Debt Relief works with creditors to help customers struggling with heavy debt by negotiating to reduce amounts owed. Types of debt include credit card debt, student loans, personal loans, or medical bills. In other words, unsecured debt. Debts secured by collateral are immune to such settlements.

Debt Relief


Accredited Debt Relief takes the information you provide about your financial situation and creates a custom debt relief program. They consequently negotiate with your creditors to agree to settle your debt for a one-time payment in full of an agreed-upon amount. The money to fund these agreements will come from an escrow-like account you’ll establish with Accredited Debt Relief.

When signing up, you have to determine how much money you can deposit every month. Customers have to be diligent when making these deposits by choosing an affordable manageable amount. However, you also need to deposit enough to ensure the account has the ability to fulfill settlement agreements when they’re made. This is why the company will wait to negotiate a deal until the accounts has a viable balance.

Pros and Cons of Accredited Debt Relief

Reading an Accredited Debt Relief review will reveal it to be among the most trusted debt settlement companies. It comes with a wide share of pros and cons, just like any other company.

Pros of Accredited Debt Relief

  1. No upfront fees for debt settlement: Clients will only pay fees as each debt is settled. There are also no upfront fees to join the program.
  2. Free consultation and money-back guarantee: Clients can speak to certified debts specialists without a financial commitment. A money-back guarantee lets you cancel your debt resolution program without incurring possible costs.
  3. Personalized service: You won’t have to involve several parties in your debt resolution plans. Clients work with one debt settlement consultant that understands our financial situation. Your debts relief specialist will also advise you accordingly y recommending hanging on to any of your low balance cards for emergency services.

Cons of Accredited Debt Relief

  1. High settlement fees: Accredited Debt Relief charges high debt settlement fees that can rise to 25%. This is a high rate compared to companies that charge as low as 15% of your enrolled debt.
  2. No online client portal or mobile app: Most debt relief companies provide a useful mobile app or portal that lets you track your resolution plan. Accredited Debt Relief does not provide these options. However, clients can complete the application and enrollment online.

Is Accredited Debt Relief legit?

Yes. Accredited Debt Relief is a well-regarded debt settlement firm. The company operates in 31 states and has been in business since 2010. It is also highly accredited and rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau. The company has also scored positive reviews from its clients. They often commend the knowledgeable staff and the company’s efficient services

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