Is Email Marketing still Powerful in 2021?

Is email marketing still powerful? Is it effective? Let’s find out.

The key to any successful business is to magnetize clients and customers to either buy your products and services or do business with you. Everyone is finding ways to lure new customers and clients as the pandemic has made it harder for businesses to survive. This is why everyone is willing to try various marketing aspects to create a strategy that works magically for them.

Amongst all the latest and advanced digital marketing strategies, email marketing might seem like an old-school technique. But that’s not the case. If done right, email marketing is still effective and can bring in customers too. You can also consider hiring email marketing services by Abstract Digital to get the most out of it.

And let us tell you that email marketing still has the highest ROI to offer. And sadly, many businesses have overlooked the idea of using this method as it seems too old to them. But that is where they are going wrong.

Email Marketing

Is Email Marketing effective?

Several surveys have been carried out to judge whether or not the email marketing is important for businesses these days. And surprisingly, a whopping 79% of people consider it important or very important for a successful business.

If you are not convinced yet; it is okay. We have summed up some reasons why email marketing is still a big thing in 2021. And we don’t think that it will subside in coming times either because it is a helpful marketing tool.

  • Emails are used by Everyone

The key to successful marketing is to use platforms that already target the market you want to capture. And as everyone uses emails, it is a helpful marketing technique or medium to spread the word. The stats show us that more than 3.5 billion people use emails around the world. So no matter what, your audience will check their email.

  • If done right, it is very effective

Everyone hates companies or brands that spam them with emails. And if you don’t do that; you are good to go. Instead, you need to focus on sending emails that have helpful or useful content that provides them with value. They will certainly engage with good emails. Just make sure that you don’t spam the audience or else, they will unsubscribe from your newsletters.

  • Affordable

The biggest reason why many small businesses opt for this marketing medium is that it is affordable and can be opted for, even when you have a tight budget.


If you ask, whether email marketing is effective or not, then we will certainly state that it is. The only issue that people face is that they are unable to derive effective email marketing strategies. But if you hire a professional for this, you can easily manage to gain high ROI and get amazing outcomes too.

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