Is It Legal To Use A Custom Writing Service?


In recent years, thanks to the Internet, the number of content writing service providers across the globe has increased dramatically. Students can request for content writing services to ensure that their never-ending stream of assignments gets completed in record time. A site like MyCustomEssay can provide everyone with professionally written content. However, the legality of custom writing services has been a shady subject. While some people believe that providers of custom writing services are doing something illegal, others believe that there is nothing wrong with students paying professionals to help them write essays. That brings us to the questions; are custom writing services illegal? Is it legal for students to use custom writing services?

Are Custom Writing Service Providers Operating Legally?

Custom writing service providers have the legal right to offer writing services to others. They provide original content to clients and respect the intellectual rights of other writers. Depending on what you want, they can either write an entire essay for you or help you halfway through. Having a professional write your essay for you may be seen as unethical depending on who you ask. Teachers and lecturers believe that custom writing services make students lazy. However, the truth is that these services give students the time and focus they need to develop new skills or improve their writing skills.

Smart students don’t just turn in the custom essays without going through them. They read the content, analyze it, and ask the writers questions when they don’t understand a certain part. Some other students simply use the custom written essay as a guide to creating compelling content. These content writing services are registered as tutoring services. So, they provide you with supplements that make the research process easier and faster.

Who Should Pay For Custom Writing Services? 

Any student can decide to seek out professional custom writing services. However, students who have part-time jobs stand to benefit significantly from it. After a long day at work and school, you may not have the time to start researching your coursework. By sparing a few dollars, a professional writing service provider will get it sorted out for you while you rest. Students with children may also benefit from reducing the workload by paying for content writing services. Let’s not forget about those who run two or more degree programs at the same time. The coursework might be too much for only one person to handle. If you pay someone to help you with the content, you’ll reduce the stress.


The bottom line is that custom writing services are not illegal. However, the way students use the content may raise ethical concerns in the classroom. Students may also get into trouble if they are asked to defend the content and are unable to because they have no idea what the writer wrote. So, before using custom writing services, make sure that there is no clear cut rule against it in your school.

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