Is It Worth Going Organic? Cost vs. Quality for Baby Formula

Organic baby formulas are gaining popularity rapidly, as it is proven that their composition is close to natural breast milk. Especially this concerns organic goat milk-based formulas. When you’re buying organic baby food products, you can be certain of the quality and safety of these formulas. However, their price is higher than that of classic infant and toddler formulas. So the question is: is it worth going organic and paying more?

Are Organic Formulas Better?

Is It Worth Going Organic? Cost vs. Quality for Baby Formula

Both classic and organic baby formulas provide the proper, well-measured, and quality made nutrition for infants and toddlers. At least when the product is certified and legally distributed. However, the certification of organic baby formula is stricter and demands a higher quality of the product. To be called “organic”, formula milk has to be made of 95% or more organic ingredients, with no GMOs included and no dangerous chemical fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, and hormones used during plant cultivation and livestock breeding.

Using organic ingredients is important for the quality of baby formula. Even some brands that aren’t certified organic prefer producing formula milk from organic ingredients. For instance, Nannycare goat formula doesn’t have the label “organic”, but it is GMO-free and based on goat’s milk from organic farms.

Organic baby food manufacturers create their formula compositions so that they resemble breast milk as closely as possible for the time being. That’s why they suit most babies perfectly.

Advantages of Goat Organic Formulas

Goat milk-based baby formulas have a number of benefits compared to cow milk formulas and vegan formulas:

  • goat milk protein is naturally A2 beta-casein, which is softer and easier to digest by little children. Also, goat’s milk has fewer allergens and reduces the chance of an infant developing an allergic reaction to animal milk in the formula
  • goat milk formulas have a lower content of lactose than cow milk formulas, so they suit better for kids with mild lactose intolerance. At the same time, lactose is considered one of the best carb options, and natural milk sugar is a lot healthier than any plant sugars and artificial sweeteners, so goat milk formula is healthier and more nutrient-rich than soy formula
  • goat milk baby formulas are made from goat milk powder, rich in palmitic acid and fats, so these baby products don’t require the usage of palm oil and are a healthier choice

Cost vs. Quality for Baby Formula

When picking the right baby formula for your child, you need to set priorities – if you’re looking for the most cost-effective choice, choose classic formula milk, but if quality is of more importance to you, think about organic infant and toddler formulas. Why are organic products more expensive? Because it takes more effort and investment to produce organic baby food, free of such elements as GMOs, dangerous chemical fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, artificial sweeteners and preservatives, etc.

If you’re looking for the best and most high-quality goat milk formula for your little one, take a closer look at such organic formula options as jovie goat milk formula, holle goat milk formula, hipp goat milk formula – German version, and löwenzahn organics goat formula.

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